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  1. Yea so I've been going to these NA meetings as a prerequisite to getting my possession charge dismissed. (35 meetings for 3.3g possession...bullsshiit). Anyways, I don't think I belong there for weed, but man seeing the way real drugs have fucked with these people has really made me want to crush the bastards that put this shit out on the market. So I was walking home from the meeting and thought "damn, i should work for the DEA!". So I think about it some more, get home, go on their website, and see the conditions for working there. Of course you can only have had "limited, youthful experience" with cheeba, so I would have to give that up. So I consider giving up the weed, and then I get backhanded by my inner stoner and say to myself FUCK THAT SHIT MAN. I start remembering that the DEA fucks mmj users (I live in CA), fucks peaceful smokers (like myself), and doesn't even make a dent in drug trafficking and manufacturing (the drug war is a failure). I'm still all for fucking over real drug cartels cause that shit fucks people up, but the DEA isn't doing shit about that cause they are only fucking over their own people.

    Moral of the story: FUCK THE DEA. KEEP SMOKING.:smoke:
  2. Eh, sometimes I think it'd be fun to be a cop.
  3. a dirty cop, but even than its fucked up jus to even think like that
  4. Not really; makes me more open minded than a lot of them :)
  5. Theres a ton of them out there. just because they deal....(yeah back in my younger years knew of them driving arround in there cop cars with kilos of coke under there seat.) Doesnt mean they wont bust ya.
  6. Yea if they layed off pot I would be happy cuz there are way worse drugs that we all know are worse that need to be stopped.
  7. Glad to see you realized that if you worked for the DEA you would have become all that you despised. Knowing the DEA, they would have your first assignment be to bust a Med MJ dispensary. I share the same feelings about other substances that can so easily destroy lives .

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