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Conserving weed..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KeinMitleid, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Up until a week ago I would smoke all the weed I had, regardless of amount, in the same day I got it. Now, since I got 9g of some goood shit for $5 last friday, I've started putting 2 nice sized joints on the side along with a g or 2 of bud..

    It's such a nice feeling knowing that I have about 5g of green on the side for next time I run out of cash, instead of having to live gram to gram.

    I'm currently baked as shit and smoking off an 8g bag that I paid $15 for.. How I got it is another story. :smoke:
  2. damn dude you're getting hooked up fat. i wish i could pay those prices
  3. can i get your guys number? theres alot of kush around here right now so ive been smoking only kush for the past week :hello:
  4. how do you get weed that cheap? how could it possible be good bud??
  5. Make a few calls and have a hustle in your step! ;)

    Simple as that man.

    ... No.
  6. those prices seem too low for good bud
  7. [quote name='KeinMitleid']Make a few calls and have a hustle in your step! ;)

    Simple as that man.

    ok how do you really do it?
  8. #8 KeinMitleid, Feb 14, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 14, 2009
    The prices are usually $35-$40 for a quad, and thats the standard price for mids in my area, and it's what I usually pay for the highs I'm talking about.

    You gotta remember though, if you know the right people and you make a few calls, anything is possible! Just gotta work a bit.

    I'm not spelling it out for you, if you can't figure it out then you'll just never know. :rolleyes:

    Seriously, it's not hard to figure out..
  9. so your smoking mids?

  10. one word, mids, 3 words, waste of money [:
  11. Good, crystally high mids. Two hits gets you fucked, one bowl puts you out.

    It's not dro, but beats 80% of the dro you would find in my area.
  12. NOOO NOT MIDS!!!!

    Fuck that.

    I smoke "mids" more often then anything else.

    I enjoy being high and having some money left in my pocket.

    Damn pot snobs.
  13. haha you hustled for it eh?

    I do the same thing, putting pot off to the side that is.
  14. Quoted for fucking truth.
  15. What a nice price. Mids are .5g for 10 bucks. Sigh.
  16. mids just get me burnt out, not high, hence why i dont like them
  17. Sucks for you man.. I get 1-1.3g for $5 of my good shit.

  18. no such thing as high mids. mids is mids, shit is shit, your smoking shit and your a pussy for doing so

  19. Id rather smoke shit, than be made of shit :rolleyes:
  20. You can keep spending 150^ for "dank".

    I will continue to buy my mids for 70 a zip, hell while im at it i'll just buy 2 ounces.

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