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Conserve help!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MLGreeny, May 22, 2010.

  1. Been smoking for about a year and a half now. Started out slow but picked up immensely. Used to smoke about an oz a week, then went down to a blunt or 2 a night but now I'm smoking like crazy again. Is there anyway to conserve weed because this is too damn expensive.
  2. dude i think you know the way... go back down to a blunt or 2 a night...
  3. um, the most obvious, is to smoke less, but hahaha, a vaporizer would, but then you have to smoke for a year before you end up making back the money you will spend on a good vape, so thats not cost effective for you. You could try... making firecracker...with a higher tolerance they seem to just plain out not get people where they wanna be tho.... maybe take a t-break for a month so you have to smoke less to get high....
  4. An oz a week is slow? Damn, I'm at a snail's pace.

    Uhm, I'd suggest taking a t break for a week or two to get the tolerance back down. If you really want to conserve I'd stop smoking blunts. In my opinion there are a lot more effecient ways to get high like a bong, or a bub or a spoon. But if thats the way you prefer it then just try to smoke less. I mean there's no real way to conserve and still smoke a lot.

    Maybe set a weekly/monthly budget for weed and just make it last that long. With strict rules you'll be forced to space things out, take it slow and make it last. I cant afford anywhere near an O a week so I'm usually looking at an 8th every 2 weeks or so but its picking up. It's all about discipline, its definitely tough though.
  5. Try smoking out of a small glass pipe. You can get from 2 to 4 hits off a bowl, it doesn't use that much weed, and you get high. I can make weed last a long time smoking like that, even with smoking bowl after bowl all day.
  6. find something to do other than smoking weed
  7. If you're buying in bulk break it up an eighth at a time, I think with an oz infront of you its easy to smoke a bunch. If you have to give yourself a little every time you "run out" it'll help you to keep track of your consumption eighth-to-eighth rather than ounce-to-ounce (or whatever quantity you buy in).
  8. Get a bowl.
  9. portion control..make a set amount of bud for everyday.
  10. i used to scale out a gram or two for a day and bag it and have one bag a day.

  11. Invest in a vaporizor, gets you high with less weed and you can resmoke the vape cash to get high AGAIN. So double the high and double the weed.
  12. Kinda in the same position as you except at bout an oz every 1 and a half weeks and I've found smoking joints eats up my stash fast and even though they're a lot more convenient they waste bud. If you have to smoke a blunt try filler, I found wine black and milds work perfect with a 60/40 weed to tobacco mixture. The smaller the pipe the harder it hits you in my eyes. I think its cuz theres less surface area for thc to stick to. Anywho small pipes are good, but mixing it up with a bong every once in a while helps too. I find the highs to be quite different.
  13. bongs. they're awesome, get you higher, cleaner, healthier, and save you bud. just my opinion. one snapper is all you need.

  14. yup,try lifting weights,it releases endorphins, and endorphins are gooOOOOoood :hippie:
  15. hits from the bong. conserve bud by scrubbin off your friends who blaze. or if you bring bud to smoke with friends bring less or jus don't. i used to lose alot of bud that way. blades.
  16. an o of mids lasts me a week and half to two weeks. smoke bowls, after 4 a day im pretty much high all day.

    im taking a t break now though and i think im going to keep my consumption down from now on. i noticed quite a change in the 4 days off of smoking ive had.
  17. you mght want to try this trick... mayb smoke every other day. there's a bunch of different things you can do really.

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