Conservatives have vowed to repeal Reclassification.

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Which way will you vote next election?

  1. Tory (Conservative)

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  2. BNP (British Racism Party)

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  3. New Labour (Conservative2)

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  4. Lib Dems (media black out sensible option)

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  5. Green Party (Global party for the whole worlds safety)

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  6. LCA (Legalise Cannabis Alliance)

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  7. Monster Raving Loony Party (I want to voice my disatisfaction with the whole system)

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  8. No Vote. (I dont want my voice to be heard at all)

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  1. Conservatives have vowed to repeal Reclassification.

    The flipside of this is that they have actually said that legalisation is a logical option. (not one they're ever going to follow tho)
  2. not much choice.......foney tony, or the typical tories who will cause nothing but trouble when they get in, all they'll do is try to make a point of reversing all of labours ideas, and take 4 years doing it, while the rest of the country goes to hell...........there's allways good ol Liberal, who'll tell you they'll do this and this the tuition fees......and then when they do a u turn they claim it was "political reteric".........i've been a great beleiver that a govt should be held responsible for actually implementing all there "political reteric" as this is all the lies they tell us to get into power, they should be responsible by follow it up........otherwise they have gained power by false pretences.

    i'd also like to see proportional representation, i still try to explain this to my friends who have votes and never use's how the current "first past the poll" system works........

    constituency 1........

    labour.....votes = 20,000.......tories....= 19,000...........Labour win.

    constituency 2.........tories 40,000........labour 10,000.........tories win.

    constituency 3.....labour = 20,000.........tories = 19,000......labour win.

    but overall it was Tories 78,000......labour 50,000

    but yet labour gets 2 seats opposed to the tories 1.

    i hate both the above parties, but i used them as a reference only..............i'd vote SNP and if the majority of Scots would do the same we could push for independence, we don't need Tony and all their bullshit, it's like a weight around our feet.........Peace out........Sid
  3. :D

    my dad's real keen on SNP.
    i'm far more keen on SSP myself. ("bRuthur" teehee)
    but thats just our toy parliment" well... not if one of those two get into power.. they would get some more power away from the hands of westminster).

    but for westminster vote, it would be green. I know either Labour or Tory are going to get in power. neither prospect is very good. all i can do to hope to effect change is to vote who i would support. i'm through playing the tactical voting game in hopes to keep it away from the worst. that only plays into the hends of keeping a predominantly two party system.

    what i really want is just to see those who are in power behave accordingly with the people and with the world. rather than in accordance with the wishes of their funders.

    but whom do you all think would be best for getting cannabis legalised?

    Labour? heh. we now see what their idea of reform is. play with the words a bit but make no real change. :rolleyes:
    Tory? they say this reclassification is BS, and thats about the only thing i agree with them on. they would bring back flogging for toking if they thought they could stay in power with it.
    Lib Dem... They say they'd wanna make some reforms, but they dont sing and dance about it... or maybe they just dont get the coverage you think they would with the third largest support.
    Green... They, i quite fully i believe, would help bring about a huge green transition to fully utilise Cannabis Hemp's benifits.
    LCA. Legalise Cannabis Alliance. its all in the name really. need i say anymore?

    they all have websites... so feel free to check them all out.

    i think next election we will see a big increase in LCA votes. we really need to help get a guy from the LCA in Parliment. it would show that our voices need to be heard. LCA have gotten as much as over 7% of the vote in some constituenceys.

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