Consequences on a society based on money

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dubaba, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Good post from a different forum.
  2. b vs p

    age old cry of injustice and inequality throughout the ages... I preach it a lot myself... but it often falls on ears clogged with male bovine excrement.

    If you gain and retain your wealth via your own hard work and not by fucking over the workers or masses, then great, good for you...trouble is, the latter is the norm when the 99% drop the ball in monitoring what is happening vs what is preached to them by those doing the fucking...:cool:
  3. She is describing crony-capitalism. Wealth is much harder to conglomerate in a free-market/real capitalism.

    She says something about the wealthy making the jobs, but if she had a good idea, she could make jobs too. The wealthy (in a free-market) get their money because they created stuff that other people wanted/afforded. A free-market is voluntary exchange.

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