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  1. high all ;)

    first of all - apologize about my spelling,english is my second lng. :)

    right now im growing some weed in my house,and i really love doing it. when i open the growbox,and see my plant - it makes me feel so happy,BUT - there are some neg. things about growing..
    im only 18 years old, i have very much things to live for.and i'm really afraid of
    getting caught :( i dont want to go in jail[i was thinking about it,and decided that i would better die,than ruin my life getting in prison].

    i really dont know what to do, it's true that i wont stop growing,because i finally found a great hobby , but thoughts about prison etc makes me sooo depressed

    i think that every of us sometimes is thinking about it, but all those negative things cant push us to stop growing etc.

    what is ur motivation doing it? money? smoking? fun?

    its sad that i couldnt write all what i wanted to say,and was thinking about..thats because of my bad english knowledge :(
  2. My bud started growing from a roach that I threw on the ground, I feel like I got a connection with these plants so yeah, you could say its fun. I really doubt I will get caught but if I do, I will live with it. Sometimes you got to make descisions in your life that aren't easy, but like my dad told me that used to be a commercial grower or teh ganja. "Son I stopped growing when I got tired of breaking the law." at the end of his last harvest he sold it all and went back to college. He is an engineer now for Shell gas making about the same money that he made as a grower. He says its easier, but he could never of afford to go to college if it wasn't for his grows. He told me to get anywhere in life you got to learn to bring something to the table that nobody else will, or have a hard time doing to get anywhere in life. If you had nothing but a small growbox, I would say its pretty safe to grow some green unless you still live at home still.
  3. yeah dude, unless you got snitches for friends, and your local Police are just assholes, or youre growing a decent amount of plants, using lots of electricity, youll be fine.

    If its just one plant, there isnt any way youll get caught up, ((Unless youre letting snitches know you grow)) and depending on your state, getting caught with one plant might not be too harsh of a punishment..

    grow for enjoyment and youll be fine.:smoke::smoke:

    happy smoking and your english is good man
  4. I've always heard the rule of never let anyone know your growing. No one. People can just mention it to other people and the police could be notified or they could try and steal your plants. Does anyone else feel this is a good idea? Sorry if its kinda jambled im :smoking:
  5. Yeah as long as you keep it for personal use and don't tell too many people, don't sell, don't show anyone.... you should be fine
  6. ok,thanks about advices ;)

    first of all - right now im growing just one plant[this is my first REAL growing attempt] but during the next months ill do a bigger grow. i just finished secondary school,and i really want to get education,but right now - i dont have enough money. im planning to earn some money[to get in college i need to earn about 6000$ ] i know that its a lot of money,but its my only chance to get what i want. now days its hard to earn money with manual work[~700-1000$ max] and i really love growing mj. im planning to move to another apartment, to live unaided and grow ~ 5-8 plants at a time[400w hps/mh setup]
    and i know that 5-8 plants can get you in a big trouble[police,neighbours etc]
    but mj is my only chance to get education,right now..

    but all those troubles with police...makes me so dull :(

    as i said - i better would die that go to jail. i cant imagine my live after being in jail. i have a girlfriend, and some dreams to life for

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