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  1. I've done my fair share of conscious-expanding drugs. With or without them, I tend to do a lot of deep, introspective, spiritual and philosophical thinking. Oftentimes, this thinking can kind of get to me, but i have an inquisitive nature, i can't stop. I hate doing it, but a lot of times i feel like i just need to supress these thoughts, and take something along the lines of what i consider "bad" or "conscious-supressing" drugs, like a benzo or an opiate. I often times wonder how bad this is for me, more for my mind then my body (Its not an addiction i'm dealing with - i beat a benzo addiction last year and i know how to avoid that now). I have anxiety and bi-polar though, so a lot of times, especially when im in this kind of thought-process, my anxiety can really act up - and im pretty sure that its my anxiety that causes me to either be manic or depressed (in other words, I'm always thinking and over-analyzing - so if im thinking about a lot of bad things, i get depressed, and if im thinking about good things or ideals or what id like to be or whom id like to become, i get manic... it seems that my anxiety is the driving force of my manic-depression - if that makes sense).

    So often times, like right now, I feel like i just need to take a kpin, or if i had one, some form of opiate/painkiller, just to kill the thoughts and let me be. Anybody see any major problem with this (spiritually, philosophically - basically on my mind) as long as im keeping it away from any addiction? anybody else like this or feel this way? I love the way i think, but sometimes it becomes to much. I meditate a lot, and it helps tremendously, but sometimes even that doesn't work, or can even make it worse. I dunno, weird. Either way, i'm probably gonna take some klonopin and a soma later, and just chill and watch a movie or read a book or something - i need to chill the fuck out right now

  2. That is the only [truly] important concept you established. Follow your own advice. It's as simple as....simple.
  3. Cannabis helps me with this.
  4. i agree
    fuck all the thinking, im sick of it too
    nfloyd you gotta learn how to say "fuck it"
    im gonna go say "fuck it" and light up a cig
  5. dont rely on kpins or somas.. just smoke a bowl nd read a book or go take a nap or something .. even tho the anxiety can really interupt sleep:smoking:
  6. It'd be better if you learnt how to deal with it rather than resorting to drugs to calm you down, because soon enough you will become dependent on them and won't be able to chill yourself out.

    Just my 2 cents, take it or leave it.
  7. yea, i ended up just being a nerd with my friend n playin halo for a while haha. Ill smoke the little bit of nug i can scrap up right now n read a bit. However, i already was addicted to klonopin before, and now im pretty responsible with my use usually... I kind of need it though, because my anxiety causes IBS (irritable bowel) which can leave me in debilitating agony... Anytime i get stressed or anxious, my body reacts with physical pain - so the klonopin is more for the IBS pain then the anxiety (it kills the anxiety, therefore supresses the pain)... I'm not sure if i'll ever learn to supress the IBS pain... i can deal with the anxiety without drugs most times - but sometimes it gets too outta control, and oftentimes leads to the IBS... really sucks, such a shitty spiral of a situation. I've learned how to at least avoid physical addiction with them, but dependence on them is probably something i'll deal with until my ibs somehow magically disappears
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    1st off i'd like to say thank you to the lord up above Jah RastafarI ....I kno that any person who has a problem with thoughts can sooth those thoughts with a positive initiative from the mind. i know you dont think you have a direct addiction but your mind is strong and it has convinced itself that a want for a pill, is different from an addiction to a pill. i mean addiction is a strong word in any situation, but you gotta know that things like this lead to severe severe addiction and will only worsen your manic depression. the best route is to completely delete drugs, except herb, away from your mind. i.e.:when you feel shitty and you get the idea to pick up some percocets or anything, stop yourself and consider that a bad negative thought to yourself. then you replace that thought with a more stable alternative, firing up a nicely rolled blunt and thinking about how awsome it is to be human and not have gotten stuck being a squirrel or something crazy like a thorn bush. stay positive about your thought process man....your mind(which is composed of desires for material possessions) is telling you what you want and also telling you that you cannot have the things you want, this desire you hold to be a better person frustrates you and gives you a negative energy. the solution is to evade all desires and to seek the love of others and the lord if it is your way. the idea that you could be somebody or something else,shouldnt fucking be important. just know that you wont be anyone other than who you are anyways, so you should just believe, to yourself, that what your doing now is the right thing. and when a thought, you consider negative, pops up in your head you should immediately tell yourself STOP, that wasnt right... then proceed to correct that thought, with a positive belief you have about the subject. you have to truly believe that the replacement thoughts are reality and you must believe in them. you cant just cover yourself up with BS. you must believe in your thought process. you reap what you sow and i cant stress this enough... you live the thoughts you truly believe because the universe will manifest in the way that the mind lets it. look im only 18 and ive already thought i had bipolar schizophrenia because i was hearing myself talking to myself 24/7 about everything and it caused me to believe that the people around me were always thinking down on me because i told myself that, not because it was true, but because it was a continuous thought i couldnt get outa my head. it caused me to have very very minor depression so i sought a solution because i knew i was better than that. the first step i took was i quit pills i quit stealing for money for drugs, i stopped stealing weed and pills from my mom and i started over.then I sought the lord Jah RasTafarI and i was forgiven for my sins and i found the truth and what i like to think is the secret of life. i also started meditating daily and praying for others instead of myself. its been a long process and it took lots of hard work. but now virtually every thought in my young amazing mind is a positive one and ive totally found the the way to live. I know u can do anything with the mind and anything is possible. stay true to your own being and stay open minded. good luck blood. Emperor Haile Sellasie I, everliving, everfearful, eversure Bless I Jah RasTafari
  9. you musta hit the wrong key, cuz i know your 18 like the forum rules say.

    and yea man i agree. I hardly use opiates, benzo's im prescribed to, and i know that doesnt make it any better, but ive already gone through physical addiction with them, and came out of it. I only use them now because i have to... like, physically... I wouldnt be able to go to class 50% of the time because of my IBS. I've admitted in numerous threads here that im still mentally addicted to klonopin, but at least im not physically addicted where i constantly need them. Id like to stop em all together, but until i find something that can stop the gut-wrenching, knife-tearing pain of IBS, i'll have to keep using klonopin occasionally. My pops is a pharmacist so he monitors my use closely and its very well under control right now, which it certainly wasnt last year when i had a physical addiction to em. weed used to be able to help the stomach pains, but not anymore... anybody who has IBS will know where im coming from. If it werent for klonopin, i'd probably have failed out of college by now...

    i've got it in my head to stop the opiates tho... i hardly used them before, and i really dont even have a way to get em now. Its rare i do an opiate... i do take klonopin tho sometimes when i dont have an ibs attack, which is bad. my bi-polar isn't too bad and i've stopped all medication for that (prozac, lamictal, anything the doc tried to throw at me)... but, unfortunately, the pain of IBS requires something or else i become a worthless pile of aching shit
  10. Believe it or not I've realized alot of things on opiates, on benzos its a different story. I would say something like nitrous oxide is conscious supressing.
  11. yeai probably shoulda just title it "thought supressing drugs" instead.

    Yea i've had some revelations on opiates as well... but usually im just calmed, relaxed and noddin in and out. Id say they definitely do as well a job at supressing my thoughts and anxiety as well as benzo's lol, but not really why i took em when i did.
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    IMO, opiates are natures way of easing pain in the body. they are however strong and i think meant for major pain problems.

    everything we have available to us comes in a natural form and has a purpose for us. afterall it does react with our body, meaning our body is set up for the drug.

    however abuse of anything will allow your body to become dependant. and your mind also craves that feeling of bliss, but remember to do it to satisfy a feeling, is only chasing a dragon. it cannot be like the first time, no matter how much u load up on any drug.

    i think psyc drugs are the best, also used only from time to time. you need to grasp what the message be high constantly loses that reality and the message gets lost.

    MJ is harmless and not addicting for a reason. its uses are endless and it grows practically anywhere. use it as medication, or just to figure out how you can deal with anxiety your self. have you ever thought deep into where it comes from. i am sure it is pervoked from within your enviroment.

    for me certain people give me such bad anxiety i start to shake. but when i really figured it out it came down to simple things like this is what they want. they are the ones that make me feel uncomfortable, they are the x factor in my problem, no amount of drugs will fix it until i get rid of the people. i do understand the fact that i could get so high on what ever drug to where this didnt matter to me...but that would be masking a problem only to be delt with another day.

    i spend 95% of time analyzing things to, but i am gratful for that quality when i look at how much iv grown because of it.

    be cool man, do what u gotta do, but dont stop thinking. if the thoughts are bad, there is a reason, think it out and change accordingly

    sorry for the rant and spelling mistakes.
  13. its just biting your nails, picking scabs, etc.
    up to you to get out of that habit
  14. yea, i mean... i dont think i'll ever get out of the habit of over-thinking/analyzing everything. I'm inquisitive by nature... and im not sure i want that to stop anyways... i learn to much about myself and so much else for me to want it to stop... its just sometimes it can get tiring. Its sometimes just like a shroom trip, when your getting tired and coming down and your mind keeps going, but at the same time your like "alright already." The shroom trip was still fantastic and all the thoughts were so enlightening, but sometimes enough is enough. thats what im getting at. I dont ever want my mind to stop being so inquisitive and curious by nature... i enjoy thinking about anything and everything... sometimes it just gets tiring, but that doesn't mean i want it to stop forever.

    and i bite my nails like a mother-fucker lol, its annoying as fuck - i've been doin it since i can remember. Its not even a nervous tick... i do it when im nervous, when im excited, when im bored, when im doin anything pretty much... i think i picked it up from my dad and older brother when i was a little kid, and its just become one bad habit
  15. Opiates and what not just make mania worse, and you start to depend on them just to stay sane. Stick to MJ
  16. [quote name='NFloyd2357']"its just sometimes it can get tiring. Its sometimes just like a shroom trip, when your getting tired and coming down and your mind keeps going, but at the same time your like "alright already." The shroom trip was still fantastic and all the thoughts were so enlightening, but sometimes enough is enough"

    i understand exactly what you mean....its a catch 22. i often get to the same point
  17. How many Klonos do you take at a time for rec. ?

    JW... lol

  18. I'm the same way, like Hunter Thompson said "He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man". Being a man to me is thinking of the world all of it's goods and evils, a beast however considers none of that, only what is infront of him and everything is much more simple. My favorite way to become a beast is with alcohol, but only once every month or two. the rest of the time it's the good ole reefer
  19. medicinal = .5mg, recreational 2-3mg

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