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  1. I know there has to be many, many, many threads just like mine but when searching I didnt find anything. (prob not typing in the right title)

    Anyways, I live in California and am thinking about getting my medical marijuana card but was wondering if there were any cons to getting it. I have had buddies of mine say that there are zero cons and I have had others say that it can keep you from getting a job if they check you medical records.

    Is this a serious thing to consider doing? Or is it just one big plus for living in California?
  2. From what I have read, nothing goes on your medical records for getting a mmj reccomendation. However, if you test positive for a drug test, for a job or school, the reccomendation will not help you, and you will likely be treated as any person would for consuming THC, no matter whether you have a reccomendation or not.

    All a rec does is allow you to get the herb and allows possesion of it. Even then I hear of people having to go to court even when they show their rec to the officer charging them.
  3. Employers can not check your medical records without you releasing it to them. Medical records are kept with your doctor's office. The doctors office that gives you your medical marijuana recommendation has the record of you getting MMJ.

    Dispensaries also keep your information. But they are not public records.
  4. So then there is no negative aspect of a MMJ? I plan on owning my own business so will it conflict with getting licenses or something like that? I just want to check out everything before I finally do it.

    Also, I was told that I need to go to two doctors to get it. Is that true or do I only need to go to one? I want to do it as legit as possible.

    Thanks for all of the help so far
  5. You'll need to go to a seperate doctor that specializes in MMJ to get the actual rec.
  6. Okay so thats what it is.

    So, I go to a doctor and say that I have chronic pain or sever anxiety or whatever I have and then he writes something up. I then give that that to the MMJ doctor who then charges me some money to get the actual MMJ card. Is that right?

    Thanks for the help everyone
  7. You sound like you are cheating the system and using it as legal way? Ha.
  8. I just don't want to tell you guys/anyone why I want to use it. Weed really helps me with a lot of things but I feel a little embarrassed about it sometimes. So its one of those things I keep to myself
  9. You should only go to one doctor and that is the MMJ specialist. Go in have a meeting with the guy, present your medical records or medications, if your all good then you pay the fee and you get your rec.
  10. I'm sorry I'm not getting this all in order.

    Are you asking what are the cons of smoking weed?
    Are you asking what are the cons of getting a MMJ license?
  11. MMJ license

  12. "say that I have.. ..or whatever I have.."

    Sounds to me like you don't actually have an illness/condition that qualifies you.

  13. Right. If this is true, then go to an MMJ doctor, tell him your conditions and give him medical chart notes proving it, then you should receive a recommendation if you qualify.
  14. Do you wanna know what's really fucking insane? My friend had a hot piss test and when they called her they actually asked if she was prescribed Marinol. When she asked why they said because if she was then they would just discount it and it wouldn't stop her from getting the job.

    The thing is, I live in a state where you cannot get a prescription for Marinol.
  15. You can get a prescription for Marinol in every state. It's an FDA approved prescription drug.
  16. I have another questions.

    So if I get my MMJ and am allowed to have 6 mature plants can I grow them outside? Or do they need to be kept inside?
  17. I wouldn't say there a cons, but don't think that a marijuana recommendation automatically protects you from authorities.

    You can still be taken to court, you can still be arrested, you can still be fined, and jobs can still fire you if you test positive.
  18. Yes you can grow outdoors.
  19. Okay thanks

    So one more questions. lets say I suffer from social anxiety, stress, and depression. Do I just go to my phycologist and ask her for a recommendation for MMJ? And then go to the MMJ doctor and give him/her that phycologist recommendation?

    I just want to make sure I am doing it all right
  20. No you go to a pro cannabis doc and walk out 30 minutes later with the recommendation.
    You are putting way too much thought in to this, set up an appointment and go get it.
    You'll laugh at this thread when you realize how fast and easy it was.

    Don't know your age, but if you're 18+ with the money and living in California you could have had it by now in the days that you've been updating this thread.

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