Connections In Life and 11:11

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    I feel like everything that happens in my life is connected. For instance, (this is just one example of thousands) last night I put up a picture of me on Skype and I was talking to my girl. I was about to send to her (over chat) like my eyes? Then I scratched that and was typing you never compliment me.... But before I could finish she said nice eyes cuuuuutie.
    I don't think it's just a coincidence.
    I actually believe in balance, and the energy you put off is what you will get. So say I just constantly feel pessimistic, nothing optimistic will happen to me. But, let's say, I'm single and I just want a girl really bad then a girl always comes up.... like when I need it most.
    Also, I see 11:11 at least 1 time a day, usually two.... BY ACCIDENT.
    I researched this and people say it's the 'hit and miss.' I just don't notice all the other times I check the time.
    I check the time maybe 10 times a day?
    And everytime I see 11:11 it's always either 11:10 or 11:11. This is EVERYDAY. I even saw it earlier (6 minutes ago, when I randomly checked my phone.)

    Sorry for the rambling, long night last night. Any ideas? Insight?

    Tl;dr: I'm in deep thought on the connections between life and 11:11.

    Note: I'm on my iPod so please don't complain about how I didn't do my paragraphs right, idc, if you don't wanna read it then don't.

    Edit: I understand this might be meant for 'General' but I have a feeling it all came up after I started smoking.
  2. You should try psychedelics. But that's a topic for a different forum :smoke:

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