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Connection with animals?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChiefBuddha, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Does anyone else have an extra deep connection with animals while you're high? Every time i get high I go to my dogs bed and just hold him for a while and think about how much i love him. Hes so innocent, just a dog. he has so much love in him. Just wondering if anyone else is super toasted and has the connections with their animals? do share!!
  2. I do the same exact thing sometimes lmao. I love playin around with my dog when I'm baked.
  3. hahah like frank and the rabbit?
  4. For sure. My dogs are the shit.
  5. my cat trips me out... whenever im high i think it rubs off on him even if hes acting normal because he just spazzes out and does funny ass shit. one time i left a bag on my desk and he took it into my hallway, ripped it up and left a g of dank scattered throughout my hall and had to think of a good reason to be vacuuming my hallway at 1 am.. bastard, not like he knew any better though so i wasn't pissed, he probably thought it was catnip
  6. hahaha when i read this title i thought it was going to be about some horse whisperer shit.
    but ya i havent gotten the chance to chill with my dog when im high but ill try it over thanksgiving :smoke:
  7. no. i ain't no druid.
  8. Just a reminder. Do NOT talk about getting animals high.

    And I wish I had a dog :(
  9. Hahaha, I love messing with my dogs when I'm high. Or just chillin with em while I watch a movie, those fuckers can do pretty much anything and I'd be hard pressed to get and stay mad at them. :rolleyes:

    I almost feel like they know when I smell like weed it's time to play :p
  10. hmmmm na i dont it could be the weed or it could be you wanna have sex with animals they call it something but i forgot.
  11. My dogs can tell the difference when I am high and not because of smell and body language and such.

    They know when I'm high I will let them get away with anything so they do all kinds of crazy stuff
  12. Yeah, I love getting high and playing with my dogs out back. Usually just run around the yard with them and try not to get run over lol As far as feeling a deep connection with them, yeah, I do, but it's no more than with any other "loved one." Though, I completely understand what you mean OP.

    Major dejavous

  13. i have a solid connection with my dog when i'm baked. i have a better understanding of what he wants. i got home from work today, without smoking all day, and i was rushing to cook dinner right when i got home. sure enough, i made SURE i get a hit in before i have an anxiety attack or something. so while i was cooking, feeling the high come, and relaxed, i realized i gotta give all the attention IN THE WORLD to my dog who has been by himself all day. i IMMEDIATELY turned all the attention from myself to my dog after smoking. after all, it's all a dog wants, is a little attention and a nice back scratch.
  14. i dont understand i shouldve just smoked. but nooooooooo. i have to want to get drunk.
  15. Brooooo I once got a dog so...

    wait, I was high and thought I was a dog.
  16. This thread is making me sad, my dog ran away :( he was the only one that kept me happy when I went through a bad period of depression.
  17. nah dude cats are dumb lol
  18. I get high and ride my horse.
  19. Haha yea like my dog always comes and lays next to me while im blazing but runs off while i take a hit. He usually comes back after da hit is done
  20. Playing with my friends puppies is one of my favorite things to do while blazed :D

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