Connecticuts FIRST Participation in the Global Marijuana March

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    On May 4, 2013, Connecticut will be participating for its FIRST time in the Global Marijuana March to raise awareness and help to end the prohibition.

    This event features Guest Speakers, Live Music, Vendors, and so much more!

    I have attached a promotional flier for your view/use. Also, for more information or comments, you may email us at

    Come out and show your support, May 4, 2013, at Bushnell Park in Hartford, CT!!!

    You can join the event on FB at CT 1st GLOBAL Marijuana March | Facebook

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  2. That's badass..
  3. Thanks!!! It's going to be great!
  4. will we be marching with burning marijuana?
  5. Unfortunately, recreational use of marijuana in CT is still illegal. As such, this event is designed to raise awareness about the benefits of marijuana and to ending the prohibition on marijuana. The intent is to provide education and raise awareness to gain support in favor of changing our current laws. The legalization of marijuana can stimulate the economy and promote environmental sustainability.

    We hope you will join us in our cause! Thanks for the comment :).
  6. Good shit CT! Hope it becomes successful.
  7. Thank you! We are VERY excited. There is a ton of support; it will be great! :)
  8. Do you have any links or any news when a dispensary may be opening up anywhere in CT?
  9. UPDATE:

    We have generated a new promotional flyer (attached). Please check it out!

    Also, we are looking for anyone who would like to help ensure the success of this event. Any and all help, even limited, is greatly appreciated. Want to know how you can help? Please send a request to

    More exciting news...although generic at this time, the website is up! HempCT - Global March in CT 5/4/2013

    We are now accepting donations via PayPal (access via website); please consider making a donation to help cover the cost of this event.

    So very excited!!! Hope to meet many of you at the event on May 4, 2013 at Bushnell Park, Hartford!

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    Hope I don't have to work that day :smoking: In the valley here near Ansonia/Seymour.... BOLO for the pigs that are going to be here at this rally peeps :eek: Expect a bunch of U.C.'s looking to entrap peeps :poke: You will be able to tell them apart from your fellow cannabis brethren....

    Also any fellow military veterans who need info on getting a Med Card here in CT let me know :smoke: I'm in the process and know of a doctor who can help and way to go about getting one. Just be mindful CT is uber-ridiculous with red tape still and the local coppers are still going to be butt hurt :mad: but at least this gives you a little legal cushion....

    Former military and military L.E. here....
    Welcome to the VMCA Website | VMCA
    LEAP | Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
  11. Hi Everyone!!! The event is quickly approaching and things are coming together in a big way! We hope to meet you all at the event.

    Stop by and check it out! We would love to hear from you :)

    OH - there should be a new flyer attached to this email too!
  12. HOLY S*** so glad I saw this!! THANK YOU!
  13. Great!!! See you May 4th! :)
  14. I had no idea about this. Good stuff
  15. pissed i miss this!!!!i live an hour away.....PHUCKKK
  16. The event isn't until May 5!!! You haven't missed it yet :).

  17. Thank you for your service.

    Loving all the people from CT in here. I'm from fairfield county!
  18. I'm just outside of Hartford, I'm really hoping I don't have anything important to do that day

    Know weed, know peace. No weed, no peace.

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