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  1. I didn't see this article until today, so it's a bit late.

    There's a video with the article, but all you get is just a standard 420 news article with no interviews. :coolalt: However, if you live in Connecticut, the CT CannaWarriors seem like they might be a good group to support.

    CannaWarriors group advocates for marijuana-related laws

    HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - A pro-cannabis group is looking to advocate for a number of marijuana-related laws.

    The CT CannaWarriors scheduled a conference and rally for advocates, concerned community members and state representatives at the state capitol building in Hartford at 11 a.m.

    The group said the rally aims to amplify its messages to Gov. Ned Lamont, Attorney General William Tong, state representatives and senators, along with the general public.

    It said it is in support of:

    • Calling HB6787 to a vote in the House of Representatives immediately and retroactively to facilitate sentence modifications and the release of all non-violent cannabis offenders incarcerated in the state of Connecticut ; regardless of intent or quantity.
    • Ending the use of state and federal resources to intimidate, investigate or otherwise discriminate against or infringe upon the civil rights of Connecticut residents cultivating and/or sharing cannabis, recognizing that legal means the end of enforcement actions against citizens at every level.
    • Outdoor Homegrow, Co-operative Grows and Caregiver language expansion to include the ability for caregivers to cultivate cannabis for another patient and receive reasonable compensation.
    • Increased Plant Count, and increased maximum possession amounts for Medical Patients.
    • Calling HB6734 to a vote in the House of Representatives to decriminalize small amounts of psilocybin.
    • Increased outreach efforts by the state to destigmatize cannabis and educate state agencies,Departments and Law Enforcement agencies.
    • Greater transparency in all levels of cannabis testing including ease of access to testing facilities and education for the public.
    • A fair and unbiased investigation into all state agencies involved in cannabis in Connecticut.
    • A commitment from the State of Connecticut to work with the legacy operators and cannabis caregiver community to provide a fair equitable and safe transition to the legal market regardless of business size. (snipped)

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