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Connecticut shooting and gun control: A divine comedy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ArtilleryShell4, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. This is a really touchy subject but here's my honest opinion, first off, I realize that 20+ children died but why soooo much uproar? When American soldiers and bombs kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people including thousands of children in Afghanistan and Iraq noone seems to give a fuck. I guess brown kids on the other side of the world don't count.

    Another thing, the media is going after it and tying to use it to push gun control, gun control does t make anyone safer I don't care what anyone says criminals do no follow the law so what the fuck is the point of making it harder for people who do follow the law to get guns? It's so fuckig counterproductive and backwards that its just stupid. Like I said I could buy an illegal gun tommorow for like 250 bucks. And this is in a small town, in an inner city you can get a gun on any street corner.

    If you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns. Also I believe the mother of the shooter is just as guilty, she had a mentally ill child who was in multiple drugs and she didnt lock up her guns. She left them out easily accessible with lots of ammo. All in all this was a shitty situation perpetuated by shittier overlook of a mentally ill child.

    Just my 2 cents.
  2. Less guns = less gun crime.

    Also, we don't kill "hundreds of thousands" of kids, we kill a lot, but misrepresenting facts makes your argument sound silly

    I agree with you, I'm very pro-gun rights, those are just two things I noted in your post
  3. Less gun crime but more total crime not to.mention other problems.wwith gun control

  4. UN Says Sanctions Have Killed Some 500,000 Iraqi Children
  5. So what? Even assuming this is true, less guns makes it easier for criminals to commit violent crimes without fear of facing armed resistance (see: recent shootings in "gun-free" zones). Guns help innocent people to defend themselves.

    Less guns = innocent people less able to defend themselves from violent criminals.

    The sanctions that the US pushes for through the UN on countries like Iraq (previous to the war) and Iran (currently) lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children.

    Furthermore, I don't kill anyone, so yea, saying that "we" do anything is a misrepresentation of the facts.
  6. If you're for gun bans your a racist.:cool:
  7. Laws make it harder for legit people to obtain guns. Criminals will break the law no matter what so how does a law help that part? Haha it doesnt -_- canada has wayy lower gun deaths tho and we have stricter rules...just feel like it wouldnt help the same way in the states tho
  8. it was a false flag operation by the illuminati to promote gun control for new world order
  9. That's because gun violence isn't linked to gun ownership. It is linked to crime rate. Which is lower in Canada I presume.

    We should attack crime itself not means to it
  10. Or we could stop being little bitches by giving up our liberty. America is nation of cowards we've been an Empire for too long if there was a bigger bully on the block we'd surrender the next day, anything for a safety. After all 1/3 of Americans have said they would be willing to be raped (body cavity search) if it made it safer to be on an airplane.

    I am so ashamed. Who are these people?
  11. fools who believe in the establishment
  12. Intentionally or not hundreds of thousands of INNOCENT children are dead. All for no reason, they didn even have a chance.

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