Congressman Blumenauer gets it.

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  1. That, folks, was an acute verbal bitch slap. Bottecelli is an idiot.

    I like this Blumenauer fellow.

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    Always entertaining to watch a bureaucrat wiggle around and do anything to keep from answering a yes or no question. There were actually several congressman that kicked him around pretty good. But this was the best IMO. Others on Youtube
  3. Yeah, our Rep. Cohen ripped him a new one. You can tell the guy is loaded with set talking points and no will, authorization nor intelligence to differ from them.

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  4. What a dickhead.
  5. Yeah, that was Cohen did a good job too.
  6. Omg, "What kills more people, marijuana or tobacco."..."There's been a fair amount of tobacco related deaths." lololol, I mean OR Rep is right, he's totally part of the problem.  Over a 1,000 people per DAY are dying from tobacco use related illnesses and he can't give a straight answer.  Unreal.
  7. Botticelli is right. People should just drink a pint of whiskey every night like a good american and stop questioning "professionals" with conflict of interest agendas.
  8. Cohen is a liberal right hand man. He's telling you everything you want to hear. Stop cheering him on. They are not championing the ending of prohibition, just a new version of it. Do not forget that, and don't accept this farce of a special interest funnel that has become "legalization."
    We don't need "better than we had."
    We need, "totally different from what we had." And that, folks, is freedom.
  9. This video are so funny because they're giving it to him!! He can't reply straight.

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