Congress Warns: New "Super Pot" Dangerous as Crack Cocaine!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Lenxal, May 19, 2010.

  1. hahahaahh this is so redonculous!

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  2. hahah rediculous. how is it as dangerous as coke? i kinda figured they would at least use "green crack" to try to scare people.
  3. i smoked some kush. im alive.

    i have also done coke. in no way does it compare what so ever to weed.
  4. As dangerous as crack cocaine... I think there is a reason cops do not go to college.
  5. its like saying liquor is super beer LOL
  6. LOL +rep
  7. I don't think this is real. At least I hope it isn't.

    The UK has been pushing the same propaganda for years. They call it "skunk" instead of kush. They say it causes schizophrenia and drives people to murder.
    Check out this news story, LINK.

    It is sad but many people will buy this kind of government BS because they have no first hand knowledge about cannabis.
  8. Government should be defined as an affiliation that gives one the ability to lie.
  9. HAHA...a 25 year jail sentence and a one million dollar fine is what they proposed.
  10. ya definitely can't be real c'mon a 1 million dollar fine thats just super bull shit
  11. they must be living under a rock if thats real
  12. What has the world come to?

    It's bad enough that humans outlaw nature but now this... It really saddens me.
  13. Lmfao. Are they fucking serious?

    This is fucking bullshit.
  14. shiiiiat, am I glad you posted this, becuase I just laughed like I never have before. Too bad I just ripped probably 2 fat bowls of some of that "Super Pot Kush" and im still typin this shit. Wait....wooahhhh, im freakinnnn out man!!!. Damn, whoever believes that shit is do I say...down with obama.
  15. wow, this is ridiculous, im not sure what America is coming to but the propaganda now is outrageous
  16. Not rather the propaganda that is bullshit, as there has been propaganda since World War 1.
    What is bullshit is the number of gullable people who believe this shit.

    If America is going to change, it's not going to be the laws, government, people in office...etc.

    Its going to be the people that have the RIGHT to overthrow a government that is deemed too powerful. Source: United States Declaration Of Independence:hello:
  17. I really don't get how they are comparing it to crack cocaine NOW when they have had "normal" pot classified schedule 1 and crack cocaine at schedule II.

    This is stupid and it pisses me off. This is the type of shit that makes me want to just put an end to this whole bs and move on to the next plane of existence.
  18. omg look at this scury new thing called marajewannna! :O
  19. This isn't even propaganda, it's just stupidity at its finest.
  20. She said: "Psychosis was associated with more frequent and longer use of cannabis. Our most striking finding is that patients with a first episode of psychosis preferentially used high-potency cannabis preparations of the skunk variety."


    mental health is when you for some reason miss to duck against your family, boss, teacher, or if you speak after some fake news aka alien conspiration.

    it is all pretty much the same no matter how you label it.

    at first they make you visit a doctor if you do not want to visit they threaten to cut you off just anything- throw you out, fire you etc.
    but not to help you...

    then after a twenty minutes interview the doctor suggests to try some drops almost in every case antidepressiva (which because you do not have genuine depression, will not work and even may make your case worse).

    the next step is eventually it is also suggested that you are going to meet other people, who are already "diagnosed". this is the "pain game".
    legally it counts as "treatment"- they will hold it against you years after that- basically you are now mentally ill!

    after a while, you are slushed from seeing these already broken people, the toxic pills do the rest, and now they can abuse you freely. if you argue, they can always say: OK but you are mentally ill, don't forget to take your drops!

    remember there is no lab test for all these mental health stuff. the doctor in most cases does not care at all for you, your financial problems, or what you want to do, and your boss, teacher, family does not want.

    that is it, and most of the strangeness developes from seeing other strange people. or maybe they just plain abused you previously. then they cover it up with some diagnosis.

    what does it have to do with Marijuana? nothing?

    Does the study cover that:

    -almost all clients get a negative diagnosis from the doctor?
    -there is just a 20 minutes interview
    -the cases typically do not improve at all, no matter how much medication they try, in the best case, they nail them on some kind of rollercoaster (improves first a little, then the same problem again, solution: try a different medication).

    the real mental ill people have perceptions we do not have, true, such as haluucination, and paranoia, and they are unable to handle them.

    If you consider most music lyrics, or artworks, they are weird, often insane, and psychotic as well. The difference is, they are commercially successful, somehow.

    Now what they want is happy children who say yes all day, and at the same time, are intelligent, creative, get good grades at school and a top job as well.

    Well, do you wonder about all these wannabe models and XXX magazines? Sadly, that's socially accepted, while if you smoke marijuana (as a teen), parents will totally freak, they can be totally addicted to controlism, no matter if actually nothing has happend just the fact the kid smoked Marijuana.

    That is the stuff they want to read. This research is wrong, nonsense, and doing great damage. All kind of people will just spreading it, and if someone smokes marijuana, they say: Aha, Marijuana = Mental Health. Solution: See a doctor against will, drop the drops, and see other people who are already sorted out in order to speak with them for some hours.

    Do this for two years, and you will get "Doctoritis".
    If you smoke Marijuana then your neurotic and controlism addicted parents sneak in, and lament 3 hours this weird stuff again again for years, indeed you will get psychotic. But, what does it have to do with Marijuana?

    If they are not present, have no opportunity to broadcast their lamentations on you, then you will just have a good time for a few hours.

    Well human life is a system of competition otherwise we just all would sit around being lazy and do what we want. Society just decided early in evolution that we must work, and often, accept all kind of rules no matter how absurd. If people smoke Marijuana indeed they sometimes recognize their goldhamster case, and try to break out, but they are not always intelligent, have no strategy, no theory, no explanation. Then they fall prey to doctors.

    Do you think the doctos will give them money, good new friends, a job and all this? Do you think addiction theraphy will provide these things?

    Most of the people so-called mentally ill if taken out of their environment to a good place they behave normally, the small rest maybe is anti-social somehow. Yet if they would have to work like in China just in order to survive, most of them would be able to do it, somehow.
    However what young people must do here go to school college university is not work it is often indeed absurd and boring.

    But remember, human society means competition, and those who perform the best will set the landmark. If you do what they say you are sane. If you just smoke marijuana in your private environment no matter if you also do what they say, you are mentally ill? Hang On. Most kids or teens do not have these private environments, their parents will be neurotic about clothing, video games, music, who they meet, and why? the same thing. they fear disadvantage in this kind of competition game. In our countries the ones who do not really make it just have to be there- someone has to be unemployed not because there are no jobs but because they do not have the right papers. In China, that is not so. Basically school is short, and after that everyone must work for 15 hours. OK if you can not perform that, you'll also get problems...but they do not require these 5 to 8 percent of dropouts just in order for them to be there in the statistics- with the assistance of doctors.

    You see I do not just say, our government people sit around, work out some fairytale programs which have no relation to reality, and get 10x the money that ordinary people get. Most of them maybe just sit in a small office and really can't do much for an individual person other than to process a ten pages form, and then to file it.

    I am not criticising them in that way, but I am saying, that doctors almost never recognize the real problem (often there is one, abuse, betrayal, or finanical), they just interview twenty minutes, no lab test, then prescribe some drops, and as well suggest to see other people who are already diagnosed. Then you have been "treated", and who will one day diagnose you as cured?

    It is nonsense, and professional misconduct, and a crook study, to outline marijuana as the significant CAUSE of the social or personal life problems. OK they live in a junk area in Detroit, if they don't smoke marijuana, the life will be good? or these abandoned houses burn because of marijuana, it is actually causing it, or increasing the chance for the houses to burn, and the cops who carry out the Marijuana plants actually will save the future of innocent teens, if they just smoke a few joints they will uproar and revolutionize against their environment as well develope serious mental illness.

    Good Night. Forward this to my doctors, boss, and family asap., and be in for a bonus treatment: straitjacket, electric shocks, skinner dogs, lab rats in a maze, and ADHD luxury illness autism kids collecting large amounts of tin cars as well browsing railway tables on daily basis.

    Just your casual Musa Ozumbo scam now delivering to hotmail yahoo etc. totally free don't send money now three of them for the price of two offer lasts until Nov. 31 doctors can not participate no legal claims.

    Why, dear Dr Di Forti and team, publishing results in the British Journal of Psychiatry, collecting information from 280 people attending South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust suffering their first symptoms of psychosis, why don't you just lighten one up right now?

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