Congress trying to give President the authority to wage war as he sees fit

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  1. Critics: GOP bill a declaration of constant war - War Room -

    The ACLU calls it;

    If you haven't already--


    If you don't support Ron Paul, now is a good time to start.
  2. What happened to the separation of powers?
  3. there will be members posting in here defending this..

    i look forward to seeing what they have to say.
  4. surely the president would veto something like this..


  5. See your sig.
  6. funny you say that..

    i was just thinking "that sig really goes well with that post"
  7. U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A

  8. Well, if history teaches us anything...
  9. as big of a doubter of govt as i am..

    i would be shocked if this were to pass.. (seriously)
    i know they're gonna beat the osama thing to death making the case.. (good timing..)

    but i can't see it happening, being election time and all.

    aren't these groups important to a democrat campaign?
  10. is that THAT can't happen here:rolleyes:

  11. Obama is going to become King/ Caesar and the world as we know it will end?

    Wait...if that 2012 prophecy really plays out I'll have to go shake the hands of a few people associated with the History Channel. Then I'll run for the hills! :p

  12. Congress and the President caring about what the people want vs what the special interest groups and lobbyists want? It's all about the $$$$$$$.

    I too am hopeful this doesn't pass but based on what we've seen just in the past decade - I wouldn't be too shocked. I'll be outraged for sure if it passes, that I can promise you. It would strengthen Ron Paul's hand for 2012 for sure. ;)
  13. perfect timing indeed.

    oh, and coincidences don't exist.
  14. oh shit, Buck McKeon introduced this bill?! he's my representative in California, im gonna fucking let him have it, also gonna send in letters to the local newspaper
  15. Unless, you know. Terrorist attack us again.

    Of course this will be the first terrorist attack in a long time and it will happen just in time for the vote to pass this bill. :hello:

    Boy do I love the USA.
  16. Yeah, this is probably the worst thing that could possibly happen.

    "Ongoing War Forever"!

    Holy fuck, would that be terrible.

  17. It would be just like now, but worse. :(
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    This is the day I have been trying to warn everyone would happen soon if we didn't do anything. Imagine what this bill could mean. and if they pass this, that basically proves 2 things: that they can pass any bill they want without us stopping them, and that they aren't doing all this for no reason, and it's time to find out what is really going on in the white house.
    ................................................................................... 8====D.,
  19. I find it interesting that the masses don't read something as degrading and threatening as this, and seriously contemplate a violent revolt against the criminals leading the United States, and make them hang for their crimes against humanity.

    Ah that's right!

    I just can't recall any moments from history where a nation's people violently revolted against their corrupt leaders and killed them... just can't seem to think of any... hmm.

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