Congress passes massive spending bill

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  2. I'm truly blown away when people don't think we have a spending problem.
  3. Wooo let's spend more on weapons of war!

    And what's left we can give away to all the people who deserve their entitlements!
  4. i hope they build some sweet new roads..
  5. Did someone mention a brand new road? Thanks government! Couldn't do it without you.
    Nobody knows how to build roads except government. It's a big secret.
  7. Wow all the way to october huh
  8. 200 million more to Israel for their military.
    The US certainly gives the same amount of money to Palestine, correct?
    Of course not! Washington only gives money to its states, like Israel -- the 51st.
    There are politicians in DC who put Israel's interests ahead of our own. They should be hung by the neck.
    Lol I know, I was being sarcastic. Its a shame how slanted American politics is in favor of Israel, its like they dont want Palestine to survive.
  11. If GDP = C + I + G (X-M), then the Government has to spend in order for the private sector to run a surplus. If the Government cuts spending then it hurts YOU.
    The common marketting ploy by politians is to compare the Federal Account to a personal checking account. This is like comparing professional football to little league baseball. Its not the same thing at all.
  12. Furthermore, there is no budget crisis. The only way our government will default on its debts is if it deliberatly chooses to.
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    Wait what now? I agree that the govt has no actual intentions of paying off the debts, but I think there is a bit of a budget crisis. The sheer numbers and the amount being spent is obscene and higher than ever. There is some serious issues with the budget right now. We're just spending more and more on the military, I don't see how that could return a profit for the people.
    There is no budget problem because the supply of dollars is not a problem.
    The federal reserve controls the supply of dollars. Our debt is denominated in dollars. We will always have enough dollars.
  15. Whenever we print more money each dollar loses some of it's value. Been to Zimbabwe recently? [​IMG]
    The only value the USD has is the peoples belief in the currency.
    I was not laughing AT you, I was just agreeing with you in a humorous way. Sorry if it came off the wrong way. :(
    Yes, printing more fiat dollars helps nothing, except to delay the inevitable.
    I have one of those ^ dollars! I bought it at a coin shop a few years ago for five bucks or so. He was selling them as conversation pieces.
    The Zimbabwe inflation debacle is interesting reading, especially since it just happened a few years ago -- unlike the hyperinflation in Nazi Germany which we've all heard about. The inflation rates are just astounding.
    If you look at inflationary trends over the last 10 years, there is nothing to be alarmed about. The goal is ~2% and we've been "printing" (quantitative easing) trillions.
    Also, keep in mind our currency is fiat. Its not based on a natural resource that would diminish in value the less scarce it becomes.
  19. Lol its magic until its not. 

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