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Congress Considers Restoring Financial Aid To Marijuana Smokers

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by RMJL, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. Here's a NORML email I got today. It has to do with the education that you guys may or may not be able to get.

    I hate the way emails do when you copy and paste them but I can't help it, guys.

    Send out the letters and get this provision repealed.

    NORML is pleased to announce that H.R. 685, which seeks to repeal a
    detrimental provision of the Higher Education Act that denies federal
    financial aid to any student with a drug conviction, was recently
    introduced in the House of Representatives. It is important that you take
    the time to write your Congressmen in support of this important

    According to the Department of Education, a record 48,629 students lost
    their financial aid eligibility during the 2001-2002 school year because
    of this provision, while countless others failed to apply altogether
    because they believed that their past convictions would render them
    ineligible. It is projected that during the 2002-2003 school year an
    additional 35,098 students will be denied aid. In total, a whopping
    92,841 students have been denied financial aid since the Bush
    administration started rigorously enforcing this provision.

    Denying financial aid to students hurts only those students who need the
    aid, namely, children of lower income families. Children of the well-to-do
    need not worry about losing their college opportunities; they can afford
    the quality legal representation necessary to avoid drug convictions as
    well as the price of tuition without financial aid. Young ex-offenders are
    likely to be adversely effected by setbacks like the inability to raise
    money for tuition, and may be sent into a downward spiral toward failure.

    While no one wants to encourage drug use, neither should we take away an
    individual's opportunity to obtain an education for such a minor offense
    as smoking marijuana. Please take five minutes to send a letter to your
    Congressmen urging their support of H.R. 685. Pre-written letters are
    available at:


    Kris Krane
    Assistant to the Director

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