congress considers cash for clunkers

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  1. hugggeeee step in the right direction

  2. Umm... so who's going to pay for all this?

    This is the dumbest thing ever, not only because we can't afford it but because it will create an auto-bubble of people who won't be able to afford car payments after their rebate runs out.

    It won't pass.
  3. i feel like this would be a bad thing. dont these cars already have a trade in value? a synthetic boost to that value would most likely have a negative effect on market prices, probably by allowing car companies to charge more for more efficient cars, which would defeat the purpose of the bill and only help foreign auto makers. but that fine i guess, i own a ton of shares of Tata Motors.
  4. I agree completely. Except I think it will pass, and we will be fucked even more.
  5. If economy wasn't in a shit hole, the best solution to get people move over to hybrids or effiecnt vechiles is do high gas price. Look at last summer, 4 dollars a gallon made people change people mind to sell their vechile and buy more effienct vechiles.
  6. Here's an idea on clean/fuel efficient vehicles: Get away from oil.

  7. me

    well the idea is to get them off the road
  8. They've introduced schemes like this in the UK, Germany and France (I think?) and they have all helped car dealerships and manufacturers but then again, British governments in the future are going to have to deal with a huge fiscal crisis caused by such deficeits, as are future American administrations.
  9. Amount of my money that goes towards gasoline: 0$ annually.
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    If you have a job why would you want to give away your money so people can splurge and buy new cars? Having the government finance the private market is what distorts it and creates bubbles. Remember the housing bubble? Was that a worthy investment of my tax dollars, giving all those bums houses when they couldn't afford them? :rolleyes:

    What is your logic for this anyways, save the polar bears? Bring home the troops? Lol.

    Let the price of fuel dictate the auto industry's shift to efficiency, we're just rushing it. And the timing couldn't be worse.
  11. [ame=]YouTube - Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!![/ame]

  12. Both, but mostly lowering foreign dependence.

  13. Explain to me why foreign dependence and free trade is a bad thing?

    I mean... why should we put ourselves through such great costs when we could instead try to maintain amicable relationships with our trade partners and pay normal market prices for fuel?

    We also have tons of un-tapped resources all around America.

    Once the supply actually starts diminishing and gas is at $10.00 a gallon the market will have created an alternative solution.

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