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Congrats!! War Eagle

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. Everybody lets congratulate The Auburn University War Eagles for their victory over the Tennessee Vols Saturday night, 28 to 21.

    Doing the War Eagle Victory dance :p :D

  2. Well kiss my ass.. Yea you BPP!!!!!!
  3. Who the hell are the War Eagles?

    It was the Auburn Tigers. If you're going to try to be funny, Mister Man, at least do it right!!!!

    Yeah, Auburn beat us. It wasn't pretty and I'm not at all thrilled.

    War Eagles? :::: rolling eyes ::::

  4. You got beat so bad, you don't even know who inflicted the damage, Miss missy.

    War Eagles/Tigers completely interchangeable terms here in Alabama. "The cry of the War Eagle as the Tigers hit the field..." is the motto

    What about Bayou Bengals/Tigers for LSU, Hawgs/Razorbacks for Arkansas.

    I guess your Volunteer players won't brag in the newspaper next year about how they are going to lead the band in a rendition of "Rocky Top" before the game is played?

    Its just a kids game, no big deal Rummy. :p

  5. Hey Bud, how about them Tennessee Titans yesterday. Played a heck of a game, only to choke in the end. :p
  6. how about them dawgs!

    o ya and Auburn about damn time!
  7. i dont even know what sport u guys are talking about.

  8. They didn't choke... They quit playing.........

  9. American rules football, college and university level my dear pommie friend.

  10. And you are better off that way! This type of stuff makes no difference.

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