confusion about order (some recieved some not)

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by honkeystoner, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. I'm reall confused about this. I ordered 2 glass pieces and some papers and a grinder on 6/17. I got the papers and the grinder about 2 days ago but no glass pieces. Also I was sent extra screens and some other thing that I didn't purchase. I have not recieved any emails telling me what is going on or whether my pieces have been shipped or why my order was split up. Im pretty upset at this. Also in my order tracking the status of my order is PARTIAL and there is no definition of that anywhere. Could someone please shed some light on this or at least tell me how to contact someone who could tell me what is going on with my pieces??
  2. First of all........... the extras you got were gifts from SJ for ordering from the city..

    Second...........some of the glass pieces are sent from a different location...There for may take more time to get...

    Definition of partial... Only part has been sent as of today.. There for you only have a tracking number for partial of deliveries.
  3. gifts are good

    so youre sayin that my pieces havent been shipped yet?? any reason why they might not have been shipped yet??
  5. i still havent recieved my color changing glass pieces and its been over a month now and i live in the US. The order status still says partial. Can one of the forum moderators find out why my order is taking so long? I just want my pieces god dangy! Thanks a lot for your help. Im not really upset but i just wanna know whats going on if possible.
  6. SJ is the only one who knows..

    I'll send this to him via PM!

  7. if it still partial it means it is indeed not shipped yet, i know it takes a long time, but the guy who makes your piece is busy as hell, all orders are made on first come forst serve basis, i expect your piece to ship witihn two weeks, i hope you will wait for that, sorry for the delay, but our colorchanging glass demand is too high this summer.



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