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  1. Alright, so I'm somewhat confused with myself.
    For the past 3 or so months I've been skipping school a lot and shit. I'm a senior and I'm going to graduate so my "give-a-fuck" level is pretty much at a 0. Every single time I skip class I normally come back for my last period because it's the class I need to graduate. Every day, I KNOW I should go back for that class. Throughout the day I chill with other kids and whenever I'm offered to toke I go ahead and blaze my face off. THE PROBLEM IS, I cannot stand being completely baked in class. I sit front row and the teacher hates me because I skip a lot. She grills me quite a bit, and even says things like, "well, nice you could make it, I thought maybe you were too cool for this class" and little comments like that which are obviously calling me out. For some reason, even before I smoke weed, but know I'm going too, I think "Yeah, if I toke now I'm just going to enjoy class more, that's it." But it really just never ends up that way, it ends up being pretty uncomfortable.

    Overall, that class sucks to be super baked in. Eyes low/red as fuck, and a teacher grilling me a good amount of the class period. Why does my mind convince me every time that smoking weed will make class better when it never has?

    Ps. I would still smoke weed before that class every single time it's possible.
  2. So why would we even bother to answer? Hell it seems like you dont even want to graduate anymore...
  3. haha, what? I'm going to graduate... I'm just curious if anyone else has had moments where they're convinced it would be better to smoke weed before, then found out it clearly was not, (but repeated the mistake again convinced it would be a good idea).
  4. You know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results...
  5. Yeah.. well.. my love for ganja in insane.

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