Confusing God and Antichrist

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    No ones said that in this thread yet have they?

  2. Lol; that's funny. Don't be so hard on yourself.

    It don't matter by what name you call it. Worship the God of creation or you may as well worship Satan.

    Christianity is pagan ever since the fourth century at least. Sunday school is a pagan practice.

    People who call themselves Christians don't often follow what Christ taught because of their ignorance.

    For example they use the pagan names for the days of the weeks by saying Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. and so on which is venerating pagan gods whether they know it or not. The God of creation will never call the first day SUNday but "Christians" can't wait to show up on "SUNday" morning.

    Wedding rings, Steeples, Mistletoe and annual birthday celebrations are not scriptural. It comes for paganism.

    Ignorance is to be corrected and never accepted. If one accepts his ignorance then he is also a fool. A person can't afford to be walking around in these last days an ignorant fool.




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  4. i wasnt gona say anything, but are u retarded? hittin the jesus juice too hard?

    u quoted something from a biased n obviously less than intelligent website. what intelligent person, with no real way to find out about our origins or about the earth, NOT look at the sun which IS essential for life n not be thankful? instead they should've thanked a giant invisible man in the sky? this goes for all things on earth dont be stupid.

    as for 12/25, if u knew anything of it, ud be aware that thats around the time of the winter solstice.

    i honestly pity u, i did not think there was someone who would so openly spout bullshit shrouded as knowledgeable facts to someone of obvious superior knowledge. i hope some day you will be cured of your insanely brainwashed idiocy
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    Some parts of this thread just make me want to scream and pull my hair out if I was able to grab a buzzed head of hair. Some people are so blind it's absolutely ridiculous. You REALLY think a God that loves everyone equally damns the majority of the world to hell simply for not worshipping Jesus Christ? Have you ever so much as looked at another religious text and seen the VAST AMOUNT OF SIMILARITY, for the reason that there is ONLY ONE GOD WITH DIFFERENT NAMES, an infinite God that has infinite aspects so that it is IMPOSSIBLE to put all of God's emanations and aspects into 1 being, and hence you have polytheism.

    Uhh, why am I even bothering, this will fall upon the deafest of ears, I'll just take ol' JC's advise and "Cast not your pearls before swine, least they trample them in the dirt under their feet".

    Oh and by the way, the Sun is the physical symbol of God in our solar system, and in fact the arch-angel Metatron is the ruler of that Sun, yes, as in God's highest Arch-Angel.

    The name always reminded me of Transformers though lol.

    Oh, and the shining orbs around Jesus and Shiva's head? And all the other Saints and Gods head.... Not a fucking sun at all. Nice try though. You're very good at corrupting facts and images to fit your delusions.

    By the way kids, it just so turns out that every form of Christianity besides the one maxrule abides by is blasphemous satanism, since he studied directly under Jesus to know Christ's teachings, they weren't written hundreds of years later by others. True Christianity died with the disciples. Within a few hundred years we will have an updated Christianity though, one that fits the current level of mankind, and I thank God for when that day finally comes.

  6. He's certainly in the running.

    Death toll linked to Gardasil vaccine rises
    Complications include shock, 'foaming at mouth,' convulsions, coma


    I'm not the kind of guy who is going to put my thumb in the Bible and shake it at and tell you what you got to believe. I'm just trying to have a dialog about the end times. Believe what ever you want. I got no problem with it.


  7. You are entitled to think that if you want. Most people in here agree with you.

    When good old Uncle Sugar repeats history and passes a Sun worship Sunday law with real teeth and requires you to keep it then I'm quite sure that you will all participate eagerly.

    If you don't want to follow the Antichrist then follow this:

    Here is the patience of the saints:
    here are they that keep the commandments of God,
    and the faith of Jesus.
    Rev 14:12​

  8. What was that one quote? I think it goes something like "A wicked generation seeketh after a sign, but a sign will be given them not".

    There's one you ignored, your NOT GOING TO KNOW. There will be no anti-Christ in our lifetime, and your going to die living a life of paranoia looking for this sign that won't even be given. You won't know when Christ returns, because his mark will be the mark that allowed Peter to know he was the Christ when the others did not know. This mark is not visible to the eyes and thus with all the looking you do you will miss it. If you were alive when it happened that is, but this is beyond our lifetime. People have looked for the end since Revelations was written, and every single one of them were absolutely convinced it was upon them.
  9. LOL..thanks for saying it right Tris....there is but One...and It comes in many many cultures have seen It through the ages.

    It's supreme irony that the Christian is truly blind to that.
  10. .....

  11. Your like a gatekeeper for the new world order.

    Little children, it is the last time:
    and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come,
    even now are there many antichrists;
    whereby we know that it is the last time.

    1Jo 2:18

    Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ?
    He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

    1Jo 2:22



  12. I love the sun...I used to worship it but now I don't really worship anything.

    I do have respect for the possible God...but it is still a very blind faith thing

  13. Isn't there a bible quote about not saying things will happen before they actually do happen.:p :D Everyone is ignorant on some subjects (except for maybe God)
  14. "The one thing that doesnt abide by majority rule is a person's conscience"
    ~Atticus Finch


  15. I used to be ignorant about a lot of things.

    I read often because I ain't no fool. :smoking:

  16. I think you missed my point...unless you are certain that these are "the last days"

  17. I guarantee it.


    But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images,
    the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.

    Amo 5:26



    [ame=]The United Nations - Satan's Altar & The Unholy Ark of the NWO - YouTube[/ame]
  18. I see how it is:rolleyes:

    I consider the star of david to be the chalice and blade united. That makes much more sense than your 666 explanation.
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    lol them Jews are always plotting the destruction of the world it seems like:p

    Just watched that video, and wow this woman sounds like she's a paranoid schizophrenic, also has no clue about the meaning of the hexagram, or any idea about what Kabbalah is. Kabbalah isn't about numerology, that's the tiniest aspect of it and that would be Gematria.

    Remember how the disciples asked Jesus why he didn't teach the public like he taught them? He said something along the lines of "they have ears but do not hear, and eyes but do not see". You and this lady are the furthest thing from the disciples lol. I'm done with this thread though, I can see your mental state is falling to pieces and there's no helping.

  20. idk;)
    the rabbis i know are to busy celebrating life to have the time to plot to take over the world:eek::smoke:

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