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  1. so me and my x broke up because his x gf threatened to kill herself so he took her back now shes leaving for penn state on june 22 and wen she leaves he wants to go back out with me he says he dosent care about the sex we are suppose 2 chill 2morrow but every1 keeps sayin dnt do it that hes gonna use me..any advice

    you have so much to learn young lady ;)
  3. i know but y would he want to still hang out knowing hes not gonna get any?
  4. because he has nothing to lose now and thinks you'll eventually fuck him again
  5. This.
  6. let the truth be told :hello:
    hes just sayin he dont wanna push ur shit in cuz its what you want to hear.. given the chance he'd be in there like swim wear. lol..... as you get older you will understand how the game works
  7. fuked up if u ask me so the whole i miss u want u thing i jus 2 do me ?wtff
  8. lol

    he wasnt missing you whilst that other girl he dumped you for was sucking his dick was he?
  9. ....thanks.....
  10. If he really wanted to be with you, he wouldn't have left you just because she said she wanted to kill herself.

    Also, how do you know he won't tell her he's not with you anymore and play you both?

    Just steer clear of the whole situation, it's not worth it.
  11. the dudes a douche bag, hes trying keep as many possible "fuck" options open as he can
  12. this. Trust the guys here.
  13. Personal question but were you givin him any before this happened? If not he probably got to the point where he didnt want to go without so he went to the sure thing, now the sure thing is goin bye bye and now hes coming back to someone hes already put time into...Idk sweetheart but your not a bad looking girl and you could easily find someone better. Btw, i hope i didnt hurt your feelings on that rap battle thread, its all in fun ;)
  14. From the other thread you posted about this situation, the three of you deserve each other. Not a single one of you sounds mature enough to be in a relationship. Shit's like Jerry Springer up in here.
  15. hes the 2nd person i ever did stuff wit...and he got it when ever he wanted...idk
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    Honestly, you sound like you're very gullible and you just give it up too easily. He is only interested in the space between your legs, maybe your mouth, possibly your butthole.

    Don't go back to this guy, don't have sex with anyone for awhile, smoke a joint, sit down and think about who you are and how that impacts others. Otherwise, he (and other people) will just use you.
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    THAT.( referring to 2nd part of peppies post)

    ...and a bit of this:smoking:.
  18. um no i dont give it up easily hes the 2nd dude outta my entire 18 years ive done stuff with. we dated be4 for like 2 years and it took a year and a half for him to get anything oka so before u call me easy get your facts straight. And i never said i was going to have sex with him again. Im not that stupid. Why do you think i posted this thread to see what people think and what there opinions are before i make my decision.
  19. I think we all told you what we think.

    Grow up. Leave that guy be. Smoke a joint.
  20. lol ur funny:p( is extremly high atm)

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