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  1. ok guys, im really confused about something.

    how do you know what strain is which when growing,im not saying males n fems, lol i know that part, but strains like widow, herer,nl,and others.
    to me they look the same when they are growing..what are the charateristics that these plants have that will let me know what i got. btw i have 3 girls growing and dont know what i a an offical first timer, i tried before but wond up getting males, so im jumpin for joy on my 3 girls.
    also i have no idea,what next to do since they are flowering now. i got many heads with the pinicls through out and cant wait to smoke her
  2. seeds from weed you buy is called BAGSEED and you know what strain your growing generally because....

    ... you orderd the seeds.....
  3. I'd say corks right your not going to get any hybrid seeds in bag weed usually.
  4. If you don't know the strain of the seeds you're putting into the soil, there's no way for you to know the strain at all.
  5. in general, indica are shorter plants with fatter leave, sativa are taller plants with skinnier leaves...growth/breeding etc change things up....but thats about as close as you get without known the seeds' source.
  6. i see what ur saying, you kina right on that.. if i dont know what kind of smoke im getting ill never know what im ok ,so based on my pic i posted in the gallery .. can anyone tell what it is by it look on what im growing now.
    i have never bought seeds from a seed bank, now question who is and where's the best place to get good seeds ,and do i have to purchase overseas or can i get some @ home meaning the good ol u.s of a.
    and is it really safe to order !
  7. You can grow bag seed and end up with even better weed than it came from if done right but when a bag of weed has seeds inside its not going to be "TOP NOTCH" weed 99% of the time,all my killer weed i grow will never have one seed in it.Google DR. Chronic or look at our seed banks here at GC,
  8. ok here a pic of what im growing,

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  9. most bagseeds are a comibination of sativa and indica. your not really going to know until you actually buy seeds. Check out Nirvana seeds, they seem to be the most reasonable and have heard many good things about them. When im done with my first grow, im going to try ordering a few things from them. good luck with the grow.
  10. hmm ok...i understand ! wow cant wait to see the result when these girls are ready to be devoured by muah!
  11. You will love your home grown,it looks great BTW and Nirvana is what i mostly use with GREAT results,look at some of my posts,all my pix(when my comp. worked)are there and quite impressive too.

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