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    That’s how my plants where looking earlier and wen I cut the lights off for hours I noticed a difference they were more alive so I around 12-1 p.m. I cut the lights back on and I got home around 2am and saw that they looked dead/droopy/dry which is crazy bc I know for facts that I watered the plants 2days ago so I cut the lights off and gave it more water. This is how they look now ... their kinda building their strength up again but I want to know why this keeps happening [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Because they needed a water?
  3. See right here their more vibrant I watered them and kept the lights off but when I turn the light on and leave the light on for 12+ hrs they will start to look really dried out as if I didn’t give them enough water but when I stick my finger in the soil it’ll be moist still


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  4. Iron deficiency I think
  5. Also check your heights. Im not familiar with LED (im guessing thats what your running?) it may be to close.
  6. When it's dim, or dark, they reach up searching for light. When you pop the light on they are in this position - called "praying". When they have a lot of light, they settle down a bit. That's normal.

    The distance of your LED is fine.

    There is some deficiency going on though. Are you in coco or soil? What's your pH?
  7. Fox Farm ocean and ph between 6.0-6.5

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  8. This is what I mean by not normal [​IMG][​IMG] Kept the lights on for about 12 hrs and this starts to happen once the little one gets like this probably a few hours later the bigger plants will start to do the same thing

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