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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by liquid courage, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Here's the story, I was at my best friends house all day because he was having a "reefer party" basically kids would just come through and burn at his house, drink beers, etc. I had smoked about 10 blunts and was playing my ipod touch through my friends ihome, and when I was done I set it down by his xbox. One of the kids at his house is notorious for stealing ipods/phones whenever he has the chance, and I'm pretty sure he took mine because when I brought up something about it getting stolen a few days later, he whispered something to the kid next to him and the other kid said "on dogs?" and he dapped him up..So now I'm pretty sure he took my ipod, but the thing is this kid is bigger than me and really confrontational..For example he constantly carries knuckles or some other weapon and always wants to fight kids but not fairly, he always uses his knuckles. He robs kids a lot, but I thought I was pretty tight with him and a few of my friends don't believe he stole my ipod because they don't think he would steal from me, but I'm sure he did. I have no idea how to confront him though, I really need my ipod :/

    TL;DR - Kid who is tougher than me and carries weapons stole my ipod, I know it was him, how do I get it back...
  2. Well, you could be a bitch and rat him out to some higher authority and get it back that way.

    Or, if you're sure he took it, and he truly fights like a bitch with weapons, and you're not making that up (You could be making it up and in reality he's just bigger than you, in which case you're a pussy and don't follow this information), then get a few friends and jump him and get it back.
  3. Believe me I'm not a pussy, I've never seen this kid fight with just his fists. Just the other night he was threatening to stab a kid much younger than him, and the kid wanted to square up with him and fight him but he wouldn't take off the knuckles. I don't want to rat him out either, I have been contemplating jumping him with my friends but I'm afraid he won't my ipod on him or anything close to it's value and I will just end up getting jumped by his hoodrat friends the next day.
  4. its called a [​IMG] be like say hello to my little friend..he will understand.
  5. OP, i was in a similar situation.

    I was in class, left my ipod with some friends, and another kid took it and said he'll personally give it back to me. He ran off with it. I thought i was cool with this kid too, but turned out he was a little bitch.

    What i did was get a couple friends and jumped his ass. If you can, put on masks, tase him, blindfold him, put him in a truck and steal his wallet and whatever he has on him. Make sure not to say any thing that can relate to your name/ipod being stolen.

    Then beat the shit outta him, and dump em in a empty field. Make sure not to do it anywhere near a building that has cameras, else your fucked cuz they have your license plate.

    Fuck people who steal :cool:
  6. fuck this kid up! he sounds like he needs it. dont let him take your shit and bully you.
  7. some kid stole my bong once when i was 18. when i went to confront him he pulled this big ass knife one me. so i walked away. the next day i went back with a 3ft steel pipe and beat the fuck out of him, smashed his windshield, slashed his tires, and stole his wallet that had $200 in. im not a violent person but it pissed me off that he would threaton my life over a $14 bong lol
  8. Yeah I really want to jump this kid. Like he's really been pissing me off because he thinks I don't know that he stole it and acts like he's my best friend and shit and has the nerve to ask me for money. The only thing stopping me from jumping him is that I'm naturally a peaceful person, I don't like to solve things through violence but I guess it's my only option.
  9. Dude jump him, I've been In similar situations, if you don't get your shit back or get a little revenge your gonna regret it.
    Older friends are more intimidating then big guys your age so bring like 3 21 year olds if you can(black if you wanna look super tough). No lie he will never fuck with you again.
  10. This thread should not be in the city. Violence is not cool and encouraging people to commit violent acts over just a freakin' iPod is not what being a stoner is about.
  11. I agree violence isn't cool, but honestly my ipod was one of my most important possessions and I really don't want to have to pay upwards of $100 for another one when I should still have mine in the first place.

  12. how about you go have something expensive stolen from you and go ahead and do NOTHING about it. Now, I don't usually condone violence. But in this case I see nothin wrong with puttin this punk ass in his place. i'm not talkin total beat down that will leave permanent physical injuries on the kid, but he seriously needs to be put in his place by someone if the dude is how the OP says he is. This kid instigates fights THEN USES A WEAPON and also has the awesome trait of STEALING FROM SOMEONE HE CLAIMS IS A FRIEND! dude sounds like quite the upstanding citizen to me! WTF is wrong with people these days? have humans gone soft? defend your rights, defend your property.

  13. It's sad, I know that description of him might sound unrealistic but that's honestly how he is.
  14. If he carries around knuckles and does stupid shit all the time why set him straight? He'll either figure out what he's doing is wrong, or he'll go to jail.

    In the end, that's his options. Now think to yourself, do i really have time for some loser who steals and carries around weapons?

    And for the record, why are you complaining about this? He's notorious for stealing and you left it out.

    Or furthermore somebody else could have known this information too and then stole it with the intent of blaming it on him.

    You shouldn't try and handle this situation, just sit idly by and watch this situation handle itself.
  15. I think you should confront him bout it like just say "some kid stole my ipod and ive asled around and mad kids are sayin its you" and if he pulls a weapon bring a knife wit you and pull that. Kids like him piss me off. Why take other kids shit why not just be chill wot everyone why not be a punk ass.
  16. Sorry, no promotion of violence at GC.
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