confused, i might die.....

Discussion in 'General' started by chuydmt, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. hahahah just kidding i just needed to get your attention

    well anyway i was wondering why i got regular schwag that smells like chocolate
    its actually way better then i thought it would be but i just now that theres some other reason it smells like chocolate'
    my friends says it was probably just left in a bag with a chocolate blunt or something wich is probably right but what do you guys think

    oh and im baking brownieeeeessss.........
  2. Where you at dude?

    My boy dropped off some shit today and showed me a bag of this cheap shit hes got a hookup on and it was same sounding shit. I wouldnt say shwagg unless you consider shake shwagg cuz it was all shake but nice light green color not seedy. Smelled like straight tootsie rolls the choclate ones haha.

    But he loaded a couple bowls of it and the highs there.
  3. couldnt be i live in az but yea thats what im saying and i only found like four seeds in a sack
  4. Naa, Actually that makes even more sense...

    Theres connects from here to there and vice versa using trucks.

    I know a dude whos got a $600 a lb connect on it coming from AZ.
  5. wow thats some crazy shit maybe its the same stuff

    or worse.........aliens....??

    but yea it probably is thats so cool how small this world really is...kinda
  6. We get that stuff up here too.

    It's just sprayed I believe.
  7. I believe it but its not sprayed like anything ive ever had sprayed before. Ive seen many buds sprayed with those 'tobbaco flavoring' shits in hightimes but this jus seems different.

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