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:confused: Don't wanna burn the house down. help?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by help eachother, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Hello GC,

    I just acquired these lights along with two BD seeds.. these lights give off TONS of heat but it says on the bulb "Max life 4 hours" so I'm confused as to why someone would make a light bulb that only lasts 4 hours... Im gonna be starting this grow in a small closet... I'll take pics and keep you all updated if I can get some response.. I'll be lurking the site to gather as much info as i possibly can... knowledge is power. help please =]

  2. They look like heat lamps for some commercial use. I doubt you'll be using those to grow anything. Maybe the fixture is worth while though.
  3. hmm so maybe purchase some diff bulbs and keep the fixture. the lot only cost me 20usd
  4. I think those bulbs are probably the wrong color temperature for them to work with cannabis. Maybe the fixture could work if you are planning on using cfls. Otherwise I would just go with an HID system since they are fairly reasonable and will provide you with a much bigger harvest which will pay for itself over and over again in the end. :smoking::smoke:
  5. Fact is we don't know anything about these bulbs, so impossible to answer any questions. The OP needs to give specifics, post photos of the bulbs not the back of the lamp reflector, etc.
  6. I'm pretty sure that's heat lamps for a buffet most likely designed for catering since they are portable. Post a straight on picture of the bulb so I can confirm, it will also be an orange red light when the bulb is on. To use the fixture you just have to confirm its a standard socket and wiring and you could most likely use the fixture with cfl's if you want. I think you'd be better off with either HID lighting or LED's(research if you go this route some are worthless).
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  8. I would not use those bulbs. They are incandescent which is the most inefficient way to produce lumens.

    If you want to use the fixture replace the bulbs with CFLs.
  9. Well if he does use them, he's got 4 hours to figure it out.
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    should i go spend 80$ on CL to pick up a hood a bulb.... dont have MUCH cash to fuck around with... got a lowes card doe....

    not sure if i scould scrap this, re-sell it, or go throw the blubs at the dudes windows...

    ill go take apic of my closet so you guys can see what im working with...

    EDIT: [​IMG]

    dont hate.. haha

    like i said, im buying all the stuff right now then I plan on getting a couple more seeds.. if all goes well i have 3 of these closets in my house and 1 is about double the size

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