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  1. ok so i ordered critical kush which is what i am growing (bigger one) but its not a auto flowering plant?
    why have i got these whitish hairs at the bud sites dont they only come when you flowering?
    i had them both on 24/0 then about a week ago i switched to 18/6 and i was thinking in a couple days 12/12
    the kush has preflowers so its a female :yay:
    but why are the bud sites changing so early??
    does that only mean its ready and mature enough to flower??
    help pls
    ty :smoke:

  2. camera is bad.

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  3. Usually white hairs can be found 24/0 after about 5 weeks of veg ( give or take a week for different strains ). A sign of sexual maturity, these white hairs will soon be pre-flowers =) best of luck!
  4. thanks man you always help me out :)
    so now would be alright to think about flowering?
  5. Most definitely, unless you are going for larger amounts =) if so just veg a little longer.

    And you are most welcome, I appreciate that, it's truly nice to know that I have been able to help out in some way at all!

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