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  1. So I'm reading a college pharmacy book and it says that theres 30 grams in an ounce, the herb has taught me that there is 28 grams in an ounce, and college chem + google search says 28.34....

    So can anyone provide insight as to this problem? Are dealers ripping you off if you buy an ounce and your not getting 30 grams? Or is the pharmacy book just rounding it to 30 (seems unlikely as one would think that when filling orders for prescriptions the correct dosage would be absolutely necessary). And why would a google search say 28.34...

    Whose lying: the herb, google or pharmacy?
  2. On oz is rounded off to 28.3 or sometimes just 28, but 30 is plain wrong.
  3. google is right. It is just giving the approximate value. Probably for calculation purposes or just because they are just to lazy.
  4. significant figures, perhaps?
  5. There is the "Troy Ounce" = 31.1g.
    and the "Avoirdupois Ounce" = 28.35g

    Perhaps they just thought they'd make life easy and state it to be 30. Don't worry too much about it, in any practical you'd be dealing in grams.
  6. take that book back.

    30-28.3 = 1.7

    1.7/28.3 = 6% error

    Not acceptable past the 6th grade.
  7. Thanks for the help guys, I figured out why it says 30 g/oz. Apparently when dealing with pharmaceutical substances the approximate value of 30 g/oz is the accepted value. Which to me seems weird as shit. So hopefully one day you can get your smoke at pharmacies and have it rounded up.

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