Confused about my sexuality - Am i gay?

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  1. Hey blades and bladies, first post in a while.
    As the title says, I think i am vaguely confused about my sexuality.
    Bit of background information: I'm nineteen, male, doing the nofap challenge as an experiment to see how much it increases my sex drive (two-weeks yeahh), rarely watch porn as i heard it can desensitise you sexually. I've had many girlfriends, sex with multiple women and (hence the title), sucked a dude's dick once for.. maybe 10 seconds? It was fucking disgusting, so I spat it out, said "nah not for me" and walked out (quite funny actually lol). 
    However now, I'm getting 'those' urges to do the deed again, sometimes with some intensity, even though I have already established that I will not like it. 
    I know they won't go away, and will just fester, so is it worth me just like... going out n' fucking/getting fucked by loads of guys or something just to truly establish my sexuality?
    I have/will never have 'feelings' for a man, like I do for women - it is purely a sexual thing. So can I rule out that I am gay?
    Tried watching gay porn a few times and found it a very uncomfortable experience. 
    If there was a sexual preference towards women/men spectrum, I would say I'm at 90/10, but sometimes more like 50/50 and anywhere in between.
    I don't believe sexuality is as solid as people like to believe, more of a fluid, "all about that pleasure" thang.
    Am I just a normal horny-as-fuck young adult?
    Any input is appreciated 
    Haha thanks, see ya.

  2. you dont have to define it like you said its a scale...but you could say sexually you're bi if you want
    I was coming on here to say something similar. You shouldnt try to label yourself. just live your life, youre young. Enjoy yourself. If you feel the need to hook up with someone (male or female) then do it. If you dont enjoy it then leave, if you do enjoy it then keep going. Get out there and experience life. Dont try to fit into any kind of mold because it makes other people more comfortable. 
  4. idk but your not strictly hetero, I can tell you that.
  5. Congratulations OP.
  6. I don't think this gif works here. It just comes off as bigoted.
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    Not really. It's obvious OP isn't 'straight' (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)  so this is just poking a little fun at him.
    Even OP liked my post.
    I'd say just rule out that you are gay, and are just horny as fuck, and are willing to go the easy route. Dudes in prison don't identify as gay....but them bitches do some gay shit when pussy ain't available. Get you a girl, or get back on the porn. ASAP.
  9. Lol gonna have to agree with this one OP
  10. Dude.

    You are bi-curious obviously. No offense, and this is coming from a guy w plenty of gay friends, but any normal straight man would KNOW which way he swings.

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  11. It's weird how homophobic prison is, but at the same time, how gay it really is lol.
    This. You almost answered your own question.
    If you know you like the ladies, and only get occasionally intense bursts of desire to try something from the homosexual aisle, then I could surmise that you're not gay. Being incredibly horny can be part of it; when I'm not in any state of sexual arousal, I'd punch a motherfucker who pulled my hair, but when I'm horned up and aching for it, I love it. Being sexually frustrated can make us a lot more open to or curious about certain experiences that we otherwise might not have much interest in.
  13. Id say you are bi-curious and potentially bi-sexual based on what you have said.

    Props for putting it all out there OP.

    Do some soul searching and maybe some safe experimentation to find out what you like, you're very young.

    Just remember-no matter what your preferences are, thats your business and perfectly A-OK as long as you are comfortable. Good luck OP :) and much love.

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  14. Thanks for the input guys
    Gonna have to bust a nut pretty soon.... either from my own right hand or maybe something that requires some alcohol and poor judgement.... 
    Roll on saturday night
  15. You're curious man. Only real test is try it out. You don't have to go from nothing to getting bent over your bed. Just start it out and experiment with another guy see if you like it and what you like. If you just ignore it it will bother you and keep popping up until you find out either way. I'd say you're atleast curious. Hell just get it out of your system you're young who cares noone is gonna judge you and you don't have to tell anyone. It's better to try it and find out than wonder for years. Trust me i regret repressing how i felt so bad.

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