Confused about mixing a soil from scratch

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  1. So the recipe I'll be using consists of the following:

    1 Gallon Peat Moss
    2 Tablespoons Bonemeal
    1 Tablespoon Bloodmeal
    2 Tablespoons Dolomitic Lime
    20% Compost
    10% Perlite
    1 Teaspoon Epsom Salt

    Now.. Do i throw all of this into a big container, mix it up and plant my ladies in them?

    Is there anything I should add? How long should I let them 'cook' if needed?
  2. In general I'd follow one of the tried and tested recipes in the stickys.

    Just off hand, I don't see kelp meal, and really I should. And add perlite or better yet pumice or lava rock at 25% or so of your total mix. Your lime will depend on the peat used, some peat has lime in it already.....MIW
  3. Hello MIW, I am interested to know why you feel lava rock is better to add to a soil mix than perlite? thanks in advance

  4. From my view, it's about money........lave rock is cheaper and is a natural product that will give you the same results for less money.

    Perlite will get you there but is man made from inert substances. 2 cubic feet of perlite at Home Depot is about 17 bucks while the same amount of lava rock is half that.

  5. Hello Chunk and thank you for the timely and informative reply.


  6. Yup, that and it does not break down fast like perlite.....MIW
  7. Thanks MIW......lava rock it is then!

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  8. Just wanted to welcome you to Grasscity Sam!


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