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  1. i really dont understand cfl's im really confused. They say 60 w replacement or equivalent but uses only 14 watts. or 150 watt but only uses 60. so if you were trying to get 150 watts do u need the watt replacement or the actually wattage used to add up to 150? so confused.. help please :confused:
  2. you want to look at the actual watts used
  3. so if bulbs were 60 watts..but used 14 watts. and u wanted around 150, ud need 14 times whatever it took to get there??
  4. affirmative, actual watts used
  5. they make cfl bulbs much higher than 14. i think the ones i use are 27 but i know they go higher than that even. also, make sure you have the correct light spectrum, use 6500k or "daylight" bulbs.
  6. k ty u all. is there something about flowering and vegging.. i thought i read somewhere 6500 is good for veg, 3000 for flowering? i may be wrong
  7. no youre right. 6500k (daylight) for veg. 2700k for flowering. and about 100 watts for each plant minimum.

    it should say on the package 23 watt = 100 watt equivalent

    what it means...from my that a 23watt cfl uses the same energy as a 100 watt incadesent bulb which is the old round ones. but i could be wrong. someone check me on that.
  8. I believe you have that backwards. Those bulbs use 26 watts of energy (or whatever number in this case), however put out the same number of lumens as a 100 watt incandescent bulb (or whatever the proper equiv is). Hence they get the name "energy-save bulbs"
  9. ya i def worded that bad

    take out uses same energy and replace it with puts out lumens and you got urself a winner

    thx buuuda
  10. light spectrum= 6500k-vegging, 2700k-flowering

  11. now I'm confused.

    If you want 150 then that's the wattage you want put out from the bulbs ...the amount the plants are going to receive

    but if you go off actual watts used then for a 60 watt that uses 14 you'd use 11 of them coz 14 x 11 = 154. But in watts released that'd be 60 x 11 = 660

    Wouldn't that be way more than you wanted?
  12. Read the sticky on cfls, you need 100 actual watts per plant, the lowest number on the box.
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    What the hell?! Stop it no! Forget incandescent equivalent wattage it means nothing. What is "watts released?" No no no everyone gets confused by the equivalent wattage but really it means nothing to us. It's just there so when replacing regular incandescent bulbs in the lamps in your house, you know what size CFL to buy. You replace a 100w incandescent bulb with a 26w CFL because it puts out the same lumens as the 100w incandescent bulb. Has nothing to do with our application so I want you to totally ignore that number. Hell lumens aren't even all that reliable for telling if you have enough light. 100w per plant isn't a rule it's really just a guideline. The way I decided how many watts or bulbs I needed is very simple. This is the only rule I grow by: No bud site should be farther than 4-6 inches from the surface of a bulb. Well I'm sure there are other rules but that's the only one relevant to CFL's. All CFL's are basically the same, the larger watt ones are simply bigger and that's how they put out more light, not because they're brighter. So every square inch of each bulb is putting out the same amount of light, which isn't intense enough for good growth for more than 6" or so. So as long as you have every bud site within the effective range of a CFL, your buds will come in pleasingly full. Just imagine an aura around your bulbs, and everything in that aura up to six inches away will grow well. Beyond that the aura is too weak to sustain good buddage. Now if you have one site 8" away from two bulbs, it's probably getting enough light, so don't worry. See what I mean? That's what makes CFL's different from HID lights, CFL's have a much shorter range than HID's. The whole philosophy behind my CFL guide is to get you to compensate for that, and you can have just a good a crop as someone with a HPS light. I just wish I could edit that post to emphasize the irrelevance of equivalent watts, because people keep looking at it! It is the devil, look at it and you will stray from the path! Actual wattage alone will help you!

    Sorry for freaking out, "watts released" kinda spooked me.

    P.S. The other rule of CFL's, or any light really (up to a point): The more the better!
  14. thank you kamel for comin in and clearing up some confusion. and thanks again to those above who also helped.

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