CONFUSED. 18/6 cycle and starting to show sex?

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  1. Hey there,

    Someone please tell I am just paranoid, are these really female pistils (this is my first grow) or they will eventually turn into nods?

    I got the seeds from a friend of mine, which are most bagseeds, therefore it's unlikely these are autoflowers - but who knows. What else would explain it? Thanks in regards.


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  2. Think those are just pistils, not signs of sex

    I wouldn't worry
  3. I dont agree with the above poster.

    That is definatly a FEMALE.


    Good job bro.

    although im a little worried about those purple stems....but it could be just from genetics.....whats the strain?
  4. Now that you mention it, those sure do look like lady parts...

    ...but that'd have to mean it's an auto (right?)
  5. anny marijuana plant can show signs of sex before starting to flower ... those are called preflowers
  6. Thank you, PI, for your response.

    Strain .. I have no idea, just got random seeds from a friend of mine and I am pretty sure he has no idea either, I take he got them from a bag, he's a regular consumer.

    Alright, so if it is a female plant indeed, what does that mean? It has been under 18/6 light cycle - autoflower? I have no idea what autoflower really means, never researched as I thought I am growing regular seeds. What are the downsides? I have heard you can not clone the autoflower plants, true? What else could cause this? I mean, in complete honesty, these plants have been through a lot, there is a good chance they did not receive the lighting they needed in the beginning (first 6 weeks or so). Here is how it all started:

    When it comes to purple stems, I also created a topic, you can find it here:

    Alright, that's that. But what's next? Do I have to change the light cycle to 12/12 now? Excuse my stupidity, I really have no clue how to deal with "autoflowers". But it is so small, I can't even get any clones from it (ive added a picture, check attachments).

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  7. regular marijuana strains flower ony under 12/12 light cycle
    the autoflower strains flower under anny light cycle

    a regular marijuana plant can be kept alive for long time but autoflower will produce bud and eventualy die

    the autoflower strains are weacker
  8. Thank you, sir. Very valuable information.

    Should I assume that it is an autoflower or it could be a regular plant that is 'preflowing' or showing it's sex before actual flowering lifecycle?

    Also, what about cloning? Am I able to clone autoflower plants?
  9. as far as i know you can´t
  10. It is absolutely possible for a regular (non-auto) ganja plant to show sex (develop pre-flowers) on an 18/6 cycle. I have some strains where I have to keep my mothers on a 20/4 cycle because they'll start to try to flower on 18/6.

    I doubt that is an autoflowering plant. Odds are it's just a regular strain that really wants to flower. Like I said, it's absolutely possible for regular cannabis plants to develop pre-flowers and show sex on an 18/6 cycle.

    Bump up the light cycle to 20/4 and it should be fine.
  11. I love you. Thanks for your insight.

    I will switch to 20/4 and see where it goes from there. However, what should I expect, are the current female pistils supposed to disappear or they will just stay there? I know that the plant will probably go through some stress, correct?
  12. The current pistils won't go anywhere, but hopefully she won't produce any more. Changing the light cycle by two hours is not going to stress them much at all, no. Now they might experience a bit of stress because they started gearing up for flower mode and now they've got to back off, but they'll be fine. What I'm saying is, expect minimal stress. Their growth might slow a bit, but they'll get back to it pretty soon.

  13. or you can switch to 12/12 if u want, she is readdy

    good luck
  14. I can't really. I need to get some clones from her first. :) And currently, she is too young or small for that.

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