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Confronting parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VoodoChild, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Maybe you could tell from the title, but maybe you couldn't, but I'm underage and living with my parents. College is still a long way away, but I just want to smoke my bud in peace and not have to worry about getting caught. Iv'e been caught twice, tested three times (passing two), and they continue to test me. They look down upon smoking, and dont want me doing it because it effects my grades (even though my grades are good), so it's been getting difficult to toke whenever I want to. I cant decide if I just want to tell my parents I'm going to smoke wether they like it or not, or just keep on hiding it and possibly failing another test and lying. So I'm wondering if theres anyone out there who went through the same thing I am and could give me some help, thanks.
  2. unfortunately there isn't much you can do if they're dicks about smoking, well besides drinking a shit ton of water.
    i can also guarantee that I'm the only one who will reply to this and not give you shit for being underage
  3. If you hadn't gotten caught, it would have been easier to just give tips on how not to get caught.. but since you're getting tested already

    I'd say quit it until you're old enough to stand in front of them and say "I am an adult, I choose how I live my life"

    Until then, enjoy your ban
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    Under age cant be here -----first poster of this!!! (of 100)

    On a real note: Get straight A's, pay for all your shit, follow all your parents' rules, and do whatever they ask...then confront them and say "I'm a perfect kid and I smoke weed, it helps me relieve stress and since I got my new vaporizer it is no longer a huge health risk." PROBLEM SOLVED not really but still, lead a good life and create an example ofyourself is really the best way tho
  5. Honestly, just tell them the truth when they catch you. Don't tell them you'll do it no matter what. And if you do decide to talk them about it, have them agree to watch The Union. That'll change their opinion I can imagine. The only concern they could possibly have after that is emphysema and/or involvement with criminals/illegality. However, they won't look down on you for the actual smoking, so you won't really be in as shitty a situation.
    But I've learned through life that if you tell the truth, generally they just give up. That's how I was able to continue smoking cigarettes/dipping as a teenager underage. (I wish they woulda beat me black and blue, though.)

    Sorry for the rabble. I snorted my 20mg Ritalin and I've been smokin' some dank ass MMJ, so I'm goin' hard right now.
  6. Also, if they're paying for your college, don't be a dick. He who holds the purse strings holds the power.
  7. Also posting bs about how I'm underage does no good to anyone
  8. edit; nevermind, read OP wrong.
  9. Read the edit, I just wanted to be the first as a joke. Personally I don't think anyone under 17 should smoke, but that's just my opinion and the rules should be respected :D have fun and be responsible tho

  10. Thanks man, this means alot. But how would The Union change their minds?
  11. it prob wont if they believe in what they were taught as kids (which is most like that weed = devil)
  12. EDIT: Before any of this would occur, do you think it would help if tomorrow or sometime soon I ask my parents why they dont want me smoking the herb? If the reasons they provide are the exact opposite of me, I could have a stronger defense.
  13. This kind of happened with my mom..I proved her wrong, but deep down she still believes it's bad, then again I'm not leading the best example right now cause I don't start classes again until next semester and no job atm :S but might work I would try it, well I did try it :p once I get my life back on track I'll prove her completely wrong :) good luck toyou on that
  14. For one, people often think of reefer madness like propoganda when they hear weed. However, it shows that weed was actually illegalized for the exact opposite reason during the cold war, as it made people peaceful. It also shows how hemp, which can't even get you high, is illegal for reasons monetarily influenced by the lumber and textile industries. Cannabis Sativa helps treat many psychological and nervous disorders without all the unpleasant side effects, and much cheaper. Etc. etc. etc. It's changed many minds that I've introduced it to.

  15. QFT. Well said, mate.

  16. If they already know you're smoking, here's what I'd do:
    Tell them you both know you smoke, and explain why you smoke
    Ask why they don't want you to smoke, and counter the arguments with truth and good points

    That's what I would've done when I was younger to MY parents, I don't know your parents so I don't know how they would react. I'd just say if you decide to do so, be prepared to debate and good luck
  17. The Union helps hit them with hard facts and logic. They can't really refute this movie. It's a documentary, and is incredibly accurate. Well proven, well laid out, even important figures speaking in it (I think..maybe not.).

    You could even bring up how Ron Paul is a presidential candidate who is for the legalization of marijuana, yet is an avid church member, etc. etc. Good guy, sees that weed isn't bad, and is willing to risk his presidential campaign on it.

    The Union also breaks down alcohol as well, and shows how much safer marijuana is.
  18. High: story of something in america I forget and also How Weed Won the West are both good, one contains strong nudity in a prison (naked men) being bet for you is to watch all three...pick out the best for your parents to watch, and you learn a lot in the process :D
  19. I don't get why people freak out about underage on forums. I can guarantee you that a decent handful of people on here just havent slipped about being underage. I'm 18 close to 19 still living at home due to college. My mom is against weed and threatens to test me (been 4 months and still no test) but I got her to fess up and say the only reasons she opposes me smoking is cause she was addicted to drugs and doesn't want to see me end up like her. That and the fact it's illegal.
  20. My mom thinks anyone who's not sober is scum pretty much. And I'm almost never sober more than one night at a time. She still thinks I quit when she caught me at 15. Their mistake was taking me to Jamaica in March. ;)

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