Conflicting Legalization Opinions: Surgeon General Vs. Mr. Obama

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    In a battle of politics, I think its very strange that somebody with the prestigious rank of Vice Admiral in the Navy (this branch has a flat ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards drugs of any kind, especially marijuana) would say something like this:

    Source: Rob Kampia: Public Reaction to Obama’s YouTube Comment on Drug Legalization Shows Progress — MPP Blog

    Meanwhile Obama's response is something like this:

    This seems fishy. The Surgeon General was freely able to speak her mind, even though her comment was up in fire afterwards, not suprising, as I've said before, the Navy is extremely intolerant of positive attitudes towards drugs that are currently illegal. But for some reason, even though Obama has admittedly smoked before, one could assume many times, likes to regurgitate politically acceptable opinions, except that one time before he was President:

    Both the Surgeon General and the President of the United States are in a race pool that are frequently targeted by the police for Cannabis consumption, and I'm sure that they both know this.
    The difference may be that the President cannot speak his mind, or formulate opinions on a topic such as this, unless it is politically acceptable.

    I say, fuck his second running, vote for Gary Johnson in 2012.
  2. I'd rather have ron paul(Wont vote because pop. vote does not elect). He would be the first REAL non Illuminati/puppet president since JFK. Johnson seems like he would be a wonderful president, but so did Obama at the time.

    Either way it's bollocks. Doctors/scientists and the damn surgeon generals' have been saying drugs should be legalized.
  3. Johnson or Paul, I'm down with both but more leading towards Ron Paul
  4. i don't know why everybody wants to elect ron paul. he's a fucking libertarian who wants to do away with public EVERYTHING.

    could you imagine what it would be like if we all had to pay for public school? for the police? for the fire department? No pay, no spray: Firefighters let home burn - U.S. news - Life -

    i know he's pro legalization and all, but that doesn't matter because
    1. If we're talking about getting a federal law passed, it has to go through both houses before it gets to the president. really? whats the odds of that happening on a federal level
    2. even if we do have legalized weed, everything else will be shitty. excuse me, i should say even more shitty

  5. Yes, I can. It's called taxes. Been paying them since I was sixteen. And I'd rather have a president whom has been taking for years about reducing the government and giving us freedom.
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    I'm confused. Are you saying taxes are good or bad? Because taxes fund all of those things my friend. Yes its true, paying taxes suck, but at the end of the day, they are necessary.

    oh and he might reduce government, but all that does is give big business the opportunity to step in where Uncle Sam left off. Thats the one thing I don't understand about Libertarians is why they trust big business so much. Ever heard of Andrew Carnegie? Biggest sleazebag imo.
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    Elders was fired by President Clinton for having "too many differences with the rest of the branch" after she made this statement and another statement involving teaching teenagers to use condoms, safer sex, and mutual masturbation rather than abstinence. She was years a head of everyone at the time. There's a reason he's reluctant for sure although i think he'll get more votes in the end if he pushed legalization.
  8. Legalizing drugs isn't the most profitable route for current industries in power at this time so the government will never support it. Fuck the people, profit for the elite is much more important

  9. All of the bolded statements make for one good public policy.

    And he is right, paying taxes is 100 percent necessary; the only difference is, is the money you're paying going to something that's 100 percent necessary?

  10. The difference is that Obama's job security is much higher than hers. His job security doesn't lie in the hand of one person, but by many.

    I.E. she has bigger testicles than him.
  11. If Obama admitted to supporting legalization, the people who got him in office wouldn't be happy. Its all about the people behind the curtain. Presidents have been puppets for years. Its a joke.

  12. Yet I wonder who is pulling his strings...
    Multiple people?

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