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Confiscations at Customs???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SonicAdvDX, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Comin' to the seasoned tokers for wisdom...

    I'm thinking about importing a bong from Canada; I live in the US. I know that there is some risk that Customs will search, and possibly confiscate, my package. I know that water bongs aren't illegal to ship, but this one kinda has a huge mj leaf painted on it, so I dunno if the "Customs Police" would call that grounds for "intent to use with illegal substances".

    Anyway, my question isn't really about the shipping process... But what are the repercussions if Customs DOES search/confiscate my package? Will they just take the bong out and send me the empty packaging with a note that says "You suck"? Or, can they use a bong confiscation as a reason to send police to the shipping address and search my house?

    Paranoid guy right here... :smoke:
  2. If they confiscate, that's all they will do dude. I've had stuff (research chems and amanita muscaria mushrooms) confiscated by customs and destroyed and there was no further action was taken atall. Although the chances of getting your stuff stolen off customs is not very high, it really really grinds your gears when it does.

    So ship away friend!
  3. unless the bong is used and has resin on it why would they take it? for all they know you use it for tobacco
  4. Yea true. I'm sure there's no way they will confiscate if bro. My shit was confiscated because it was drugs.. Although they were all legal, I'm not really sure why they took my stuff. I've never had problems shipping anything else however and I've received sone jailbait stuff lol
  5. They for sure will not send police.

    Even if you're para, buy it anonymously online through the deep web. It's totally untraceable I'm sure so there's no proof you even bought the item and in turn no grounds to get a warrant to search your house.
  6. I had this shipped to me from France I believe. No problems with Customs, so you're good dude.
  7. Good to hear! Thanks a lot for all the responses! I feel fearless enough to go through with it now! GETTING EXCITED.
  8. I demand milk shots when you get it.

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