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  1. I'm looking to start my first grow (soil) soon, and I'm checking my info over and over so I'm not shocked when I get into it. I'm looking at using foxfarm ocean forest soil in 3x 3gal containers. For nutrients, I've settled on the Humboldt Nutrients Micro/Bloom/Grow blend with maybe some flavorful and big up thrown in. I found a feeding chart on the Humboldt site and it says, for example, that during week 1 of flowering I add in 5ml/gal of grow and micro, 4ml/gal of bloom, 3ml/gal of flavor, and 1/2 tbsp/gal big up. How many gallons of water is average? I've been told that I should stick my finger an inch into the dirt and just water if it's wet and I understand that the amount of water is variable, but when it comes to buying supplies, I'm trying to stay cheap but do everyting I need to do. Is a quart of each enough for a grow?

    Hell, while I'm at it, if I were to invest in 1 or 2 additives other than the micro/grow/bloom blend, what would you suggest for most bang-for-buck?
  2. 5 different bottles to make 1 gallon of nutrient solution...WHY? Are you insane man? Take it from someone who knows, more is rarely better when you start talking about nutrients and additives. I have used products from all the major manufacturers and have come to the conclusion that nutrients just don't matter as much as we want them to. They take what they need and leave the rest. After 20 years of growing I use a single all-in-one product and my girls have never been bigger, more pungent or more potent. Keep It Simple Stoner.
  3. And............try to find one of these:

    It takes the guesswork out of when to water......let the needle get to the red zone, and then water. Letting the soil dry out oxygenates the roots, which is a good thing.
  4. OK, I'll look into the all in ones and that moisture tester looks great. About how much should I expect to water 2-3 plants each week?
  5. I'm using 7 gallon grow bags ATM......and they need to be watered about every third day.

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