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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 727dgafcliq, May 14, 2010.

  1. hey new to posting on GC but iv been watching and reading for a long time.i have a grow going thats just hit flowering stage.i was using cfl's and flourescents until my boy down the street got his new set up.he gave me a collection of his old lights.

    first im growing cupboard thats roughly 2x3 feet.
    he gave me one 430 watt hps that im using as my main light.he also gave me 4 70 watt hps and since i didnt know what to do with them so i put them at the base of the plant all around it since im only growing one large female.this female was a clone from my boys afghan plant.

    my cupboars is limited to 6sqft but i have 10 foot ceilings. my plant is already so bushy that its taken up the whole 6sqft already and im wondering if im going to hurt my overall yield because the branches hit the wall and then have to grow up the wall? i never thought this plant would get so big and bushy. im guessing that the mother plant i got it from has really good genes because i topped the plant and now i have 16 internodes that are huge and each one has new internodes or bud sites that are about 6 inches long and are coming out all over each of the 16 main internodes.
  2. you have all that side lighting. I'd thin out the middle a for airflow if needed.

    you probably don't want it touching the wall, but it's not a problem if they do. Just make sure the surface is clean. If you haven't already, wipe it with alcohol then put the plant back in.

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