Confessions of the average pothead

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by handleurscandle, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Hey gc, this is the forum to tell all those little secrets u need 2 get off ur chest.
    anything goes so let me hear it. no reprocussions btw people!!

  2. no i cant say ive ever played with my mates sack
  3. Just letting you know, you're probably gonna get flamed for this post. It not only mentions stealing from someone, but also proposes a question about gay activity.
  4. Get guys, what's going on in this thread?

  5. Post removed, profanities cleard. btw i am writing from a womens point of view so it wasnt actuallt homosexually reffrenced
  6. ok guys, lets get this going. POW!!
  7. I used to watch Disney channel movies when I was younger lol. Used to be one on every night.

    I'm not ashamed but I won't mention it in any conversation.
  8. I played basketball with this guy i didnt like, i axtadentally(?) hit him in the face as hard as i could and broke his nose, i didnt do it on purpose but i felt pritty good about it

  9. I am nobody to judge spelling as i usually dont give a fuck, but golly g willikers man.
  10. I stole my principals flash drive, sold it. took five dollars out of his desk when he left the room. It seems suprising but in life there are alot of things that you can take that don't seem possible. Like i nabbed 3 scales from the Science Lab and just hid them in between folders walking out.

  11. im really way 2 tyard to spell properlly, i didnt sleep last night and its 6pm here

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