Confessions of an abused seedling - how did this happen?

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    Back when I had no idea at all what I was doing - this happened. Now that I have a bit of an idea about things, I can't work out how this could happen . . .

    I stupidly began my first grow like I always did with tomatoes or vines - germinating seeds in 4-inch pots and waiting to see what appeared. I used auto AK 48 seeds.

    What happened (with no light or nutes or care or attention) was that I grew a couple of 5-inch high runts. So after about a month on my kitchen window sill I more or less abandoned them - just a spot of water now and then.

    I then read hundreds of pages on Grasscity forums and started again.

    Everything worked fine this time - but I put the runts in 6-inch pots and chucked 'em in in with the other stuff. By this time they were about 2 months old and just a little stalk with a mini cola sitting on it - no fan leaves at all, as they'd all fallen off.

    I then noticed they were getting bigger and a small cluster of new buds had appeared at the bottom. I started feeding them the same nutes that the rest of the grow was getting, and now they look like this, after 121 days.

    How is this possible? Surely they should have died by now? Can anyone explain this?

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  2. stop playing games get to a site that actually teaches you,
    GC is fine but more for the guys that actually know what they are doing
    use this the best .................GWE

    2 weeks in 4 inch pots at best then up to the 3 us gallon, autos don't like to be repotted
    and a constant and steady understanding of the light use is vital

    windows sills are shit says Jorge Cervantes, the temps swing too much

    keep reading

    good luck
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  3. Evidently Jorge Cervantes never lived in Thailand!
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  4. Plenty of us here that know what are doing with 20 years plus experience. If you want advise we need to know what soil you used the ph of your soil which is what I expect your problem is. How do you water etc. more info and we can get you on the right track. Do you have a ph meter?
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    The soil was potting compost and the reservoir water that comes from the tap (not that I ever measured it at the time) was around 6.5 PH.
    But I wasn't asking what went wrong - I reckon I know that.
    My question was -
    "how on earth has this managed to develop into a still-budding mini cola after 121 days"?

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