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Confessions of a K2 Summit smoker (JWH-018)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by DynamiteShikoku, Dec 26, 2009.

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  1. Well, after a lot of bulletin spam from one of my local head shops i decided to do some research. Apparently in tests, this herbal mix has a synthetic cannabinoid called JWH-018.

    I did like any other googler would do, i googled the product and any news about it. I read up on some news articles about how this BOOMED in Colorado and is now banned (i think) but is still easily obtainable.

    I went to the shop in the morning to pick up 3 bags (3 for $50USD at my local head-shop). Each bag has 3 grams. THAT'S A NEAR EIGHTH FOR ONLY 20 BUCKS.

    So i wait till after work to smoke up. Me and my friend smoked a nicely packed and rolled joint. He felt it in about 2 minutes because the fucker sucks in and inhales instead of just taking a hit. I didn't get eh buzz until maybe 6-7 minutes later.

    My experience, well, there is nothing much to say than this is the closest i have smoked that was anything comparable to weed. Apparently online you can get the pure JWH-018 in rock or powdered form.

    Much like all the other reviews online, it's the high (and an incredible one at that), without that grogginess (like being super lazy, you're probably able to function a lot better with JWH-018).

    Taste: none, but if anything, it tastes like smoking a toothpick. (i tried that imitating smoking when I was at a young, burned my lips and treated it with toothpaste XD)

    Smell: Prior to burn, smells like fish oil. I don't know where people are going around saying potpourri or glade, maybe some head-shoppes are doing that. Post burn, i couldn't put my fingers on it, it smells like cannabis, but it was like an incense lingering.

    Texture: Very soft, this stuff is very easy to roll but some may have problems witht he product flexing out when being packed into a bowl. There is a powdery residue on the herbs, looks like a thin amount of cocaine XD., Post burn, this stuff get's sticky. Let me reiterate that for you all, this shit is STICKY ICKY ICKY like perfectly grown dro. I stop my burns from cherrying by coining the bowl. The surface of the coin get's very sticky, unlike weed. But the residue left on the coin is more of a sticky grease compared to weed's actual sticky residue. This product also make have large chunks, they are not buds, they are unshredded bits herbal material, i put the large chunks into my grinder.

    High: The high reminded me of my first time i was every high, and that my friends is how awesome it was. A good 2 hours of awesome with no hangover or grogginess. I am going to enjoy my Christmas with my 9 grams and picking up another 3 bags when the head-shoppe opens again to stock up before this stuff get's banned or there's more word of mouth.

    Conclusion: You all have to try this at least once. I believe this is a good bud replacement and a fantastic one at that. And Merry Christmas!

    Note in the pictures; led light used, only about 3/4 a gram poured out for photog.


  2. Awww, I thought you were going to smoke JWH-018 at the summit of K2. :(
  3. XD it may feel like that to some people if they smoke this, lol.
  4. I've never tried k2 but I have tried JWH-018 and that was pretty nice.
  5. Nice I gotta' try this legal blends, but it doesn't have 018 in it. It' s actually JWH-073. :)

  6. There's legit speculation out there that depending on what kind of K2 you get, it could have one or the other (or both).

    K2 Summit tests show 018.

    I've seen some K2 Blonde tests with 073 in them.

    I dunno. All I know is that I'm using K2 Summit and I've never been happier. I can't smoke real bud anymore because of my job, but this stuff really hits the spot, and feels so close that I have a hard time believing it.

    I've been buying it up like mad in case it gets outlawed in more places. I might also add that I have zero interest in buying JWH raw and making my own stuff.
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