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    It's not that crazy of a confession, but I haven't told this to anyone, because my friends would probably be disgusted or tell a related party in the story.

    So, I live in a college dorm, which my girlfriend also lives in, just two floors above me. My friends and I smoke every night, so I always come back fucked up, and she always ends up sleeping over. We never do anything when my roommate is in the room, aside from the occasional DJing under the covers or a cock grab. But. . .

    One morning, both of us were extra horny, it was a bright spring morning, and we decided it was prime time to fuck while my roommate was in the room asleep. I fucked her from behind under the covers, and occasionally looked over to make sure my roommate was asleep.

    We joke about it occasionally, but neither of us have told anybody, because most of our friends live in our dorm. How fucked up is this? I mean he didn't catch us or anything, but I guess there was always the possibility.

    Would you do it?
  2. you snooze you lose:)
  3. Haha bro there's a lot worst "confessions" out there that's just you and your girl having a good time. I would just say that's kinky and fun over anything. I don't think it's wrong you banged your girl while your roomate was asleep. If it was me I would rather the roomate being a girl would make it a lot more hot for me lol. Anyways what I'm saying is you and your girlfriend are just having fun doing sexual activities and experimenting.

    Just don't feel bad and appreciate the fact that you got a good sex life with your girl.

    And yeah i would do it and I would prob tell my roomate. I don't have a roomate but I'm sure he would just be like are you serious and we would both laugh or something.

    Just don't feel bad about it lol.
  4. Im sorry if Im messed up or anything but ..

    If I were you, I would have been fucking her and when I came I would have screamed out so my roomate would wake up and see the image of me fucking my gf from behind as soon as he wakes up.

    That would be a great lol in my book.
  5. Lol its not that bad man. Haha two years ago i was freshman in the dorms and me and roomate at that point werent getting along at all...he stopped smoking and was just a prick all the time. So this was on like a tue and i was hammered drunk and this super slut was out chilling, i had seen her before, knew she wanted me, knew she was a super slut.

    Buttt i was shitty wasted and it was a weekday, and she wanted to fuck. I took her back to my room at like midnight and my roomate was sleeping, she tried to be quiet i told her dont bother. Like i said i was drunk, and i went to town on this girl, hitting it from behind because i knew it would make the most noise. He defintely woke up mid fuck, cause i saw his head shoot up. than he pretended to be asleep the rest of the time.

    shit man not trying to jack your thread didnt mean to type so much. Anyway your roomates lucky hes not a prick
  6. I can almost guarantee he just pretends to be asleep. ;)

    ^now that would be better confession.
  7. HA HA HA HA You just reminded me of my freshman year of college which was a while back. I had a girlfriend 4 floors below me who used to spend the night almost every night for a long while. It's almost impossible to resist temptation regardless of a roommate present (and hopefully asleep) HA!!! Do wut you do my friend - Just REMEMBER girls come and go (till you meet the right one) but your roommate may end up to be a more long term friend so don't piss him off too bad LOL. I kind of made that mistake because I got more and more blatant every time me and this chick went at it LOL.
  8. So what would he be upset about?
  9. If he found out, he would be mad that we were fucking while he was in the room. I didn't realize how many of you guys were accepting of it lol. Most people at my school talk about it with disgust. No regrets here haha.
  10. so im wondering whats the big deal?

    so you fuck your girl (natural) in the same room as your roommate (natural) who happens to be asleep (who cares).

    ask yourself, what would you do if he did happen to wake up and find you guys humping, and not be able to see anything cuz you are covered up?

    just kinda pointless to mention. im sure everyone has done something similar. im sure that any guy here can say he has fucked his girl and she moaned loud enough for the other people in the place to here on the other side of a wall or door.

    and any girl can say she probably moaned in the same manner. so whats the differnce between moaning loudly and possibly being heard, versus fucking silently and possibly being woken up on?
  11. lmfao pro..
  12. your roommate would probably just be jealous he's not gettin any ass
  13. Yea people don't care about this sort of thing, they just get really jealous they aren't fucking.

    If it was me and I would of woke up, id walk over to you in mid-fuck, high five you, and you'd give me that 'No, YOU CAN'T JOIN, look' and I'd whimper and bit and go pack up the bong and smoke it like 10feet away.
  14. Personally i have done this 100's of times. If the roomate is sound asleep the chick is fair game. i just flick the lights on and off a few times and if he doesnt wake up the fun begins. Seriously though everyone does it and i have woken up a few times to my roomate doing it. Most people dont really five a shit
  15. Pull this off in a tent, less than 5 feet away from 2 sleeping tent mates.. then I'll be impressed :p
  16. You call this a confession? Man... big let down.

    I've done it many times, while they were AWAKE. Shit was funny. never got caught.
  17. how exactly does that work? LOL
  18. Bitches were too busy playing UFC. We were in the back of my room on my bed. Spooning with pajama pants. Easy access.

    It's very thrilling. Also had another girl give me the blows while my brother was playing on the computer. (That was my first thrill hahaha)
  19. It's not his bed and he was sleeping, I see no problems.

  20. /thread

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