Confession Tale!!

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  1. Hey fell citizens.

    I go to a Catholic School although i'm not very religious at all I consider myself Agnostic. But I do like to go out of my way to infuriate my religion teachers. Like once every 3 months we have confession, you go tell a priest your sins he touches you on the head and VOILA you're spirit is cleansed. So i'm sitting face to face with the priest and he goes "Tell me your sins my child" I put on a big grin "Father I find myself using marijuana daily." "Why my son?" "It makes me feel great..but I dont think its a sin, didnt god make the plant?" "Yes but subsatance abuse is still not healthy for you" "Well my real sin is that I love to induldge in intercourse while under the influence of marijuana" At this point his face just drops. So he kicked up the god generator took away my sins and told me to say 10 Hail Maries\Our Faters (none of which were done)

    Peace all!
  2. hahahaha!
    i would have loved to see the look on his face when you told him that :D
  3. I'm surprised he didn't call the cops on you right away, you dangerous criminal you!!!
  4. What a bad, bad boy you are. lol. j/k. Now I see whta catholic school does to kids!!! he he he. i once knew a girl who was the daughter of a catholic priest, and biy was she scandelous. Man oh man, the stuff i saw her do. Catch it that i worte saw. yeah, it was preety extreeme. oh well. I would've loved to see his face!!!
  5. That is funny as hell. The priest is going to have to say penance just for hearing that. =)

  6. omg why didn't I think of that?

  7. You deviant, you! :stoned:
  8. I went to school in manhattan St.Bernards on 13th street and i loved going to confession. The best part was when we went to confess our sins it would take like three hours for the whole school ...we would sneek to the preists private area and drink the holy wine from the fridge and get buzzed. I would always enjoy confession for some reason. Shit man don't be to honest act like a lawyer don't confess exact sins just say "i broke the 5th, 6th and tenth commandments" and get out of there ...... by the way that will be ten hail marys

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