Confession - morality?

Discussion in 'General' started by Lebowski, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. OK, its a good thing I love GC so much I can confess my BS. Today im dry, and was really achin to smoke a bowl, so a little while ago I cracked, and went into my housemate's room and pinched a little nugglet from his bud. He had got this huge nug free from his friend who grows and it beautiful bud, and he told me where he kept it be4.
    So now im smokin a bowl, but I feel hella guilty :(
    I probably took .2g, enough for a bowl.

    Am I going to hell? :(
  2. just make sure you cover him next time, but stealing isnt cool.
  3. You always have the option of lettin' him know and tokin' up with him. I'd like to think we can all meet up in weed heaven one day.
  4. Yeah next time you have bud, go to his stash and make a deposit.
  5. Keep in mind i've smoked this dude out a number of times, hes prolly packed 2 bowls total for me. I dont want to be the I GIVE YOU OWE type tho.
  6. the biggest sin committed here is that weed costs money.

    when god created weed for humanity, he never inteneded for it to be sold for a ridiculous upcharge or used to make profit.
  7. Yeah but alot of people find it easier now to just fork over the cash than risk going to jail
  8. I did something similar the other day. But i smoked him a joint the day before, so it weights out.

    Don't make a habit out of it.
  9. I say go back to his stash and take it all, then when he comes back smoke him with his own shit. that way hes happy for a little bit.
  10. I vote for uh not doing this.

  11. Nu-uh
  12. yeah i would take more..not alot maybe a blunt if its a big bud..he sounds like the kind of person that you smoke out alot and he dont cheif you up...i hate them

  13. No its not like that, this guy is real generous, hes a good guy, its just he smokes only occasionaly, maybe every or every other weekend, and he doesnt smoke more than a bowl usually. So its more theres less times when he took the initiative to pack weed, and more when hes just come to see me and i've been smoking.
  14. i see least you feel guilty im proud of you
  15. We've all done fucked up shit to get high before, I know all of you have
  16. Just put a little back whenever you get a chance. Or you could just leave like 3 dollars laying around and when he asks about it just say you dont know where it came from and for him to keep it.

    Plan C is to smoke 3 or 4 bowls out of his nug and just get ripped so you forget about your guilt.
  17. seems a bit like a violation of privacy.even a bit like may feel better if you tell em about it,then play it by ear.
  18. Lol. :smoking:
  19. 'Let the one without sin cast the first stone'- Jesus (?)

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