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  1. theres a girl who i was always insanely attracted to in school, but never had the chance to talk to her or even speak two words to her. she moved out of state and im going to boot camp in 10 days. so would it be weird to randomly message her and say that i think shes incredibly fine seeing that ill probably never see her again in a "fuck it Im just going to get it off my chest kind of way"?

    not sure if it would come off as random or creepy. but idk...
  2. well uhh....normally id say yeah it would be a bit random, but seeing that she moved and you will be in bootcamp i guess it couldnt hurt. may as well tell her if thats what you really want. good luck in bootcamp btw.

  3. ^^ this. I wouldn't be expecting for her to magically fall in love with you or anything. But go for it if it is really what you wanna do.
  4. do it or youll always think back
  5. it if you must, but if nothings going to come of it, why even bother?
    I've received a few messages like this on Facebook and myspace over the years, and it mostly just creeped me out.
  6. *in a deep southern voice* What would you know, you're just a woman!

    OP... Yeah, if you want to you should do it. Who cares if shes creeped out anyways. It's not like you were already having sex with her and have something to lose.

  7. yeah...i was thinking this would be the typical reaction. just being creeped out. i wouldnt wanna come off as that guy. i always thought about just saying it and not giving a shit, but i wouldnt wanna catch any flack. she seems nice and all, but this may be too great of a risk for me to take. idk......
  8. Yeah that'd be pretty creepy. Especially considering you're leaving for boot camp. Its not like she's going to wait for you.
  9. fuck it dude. if you really want to tell her then tell her. but just make sure that you really are doing it for the purpose of not giving a fuck.
  10. do what ya feel
    don't be too creepy
    abou it

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