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Cones or straight old style joints

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ~Stoned~, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. As long as I have been toking, I had never rolled a J or a blunt. I can roll both now pretty good and my personal preference is to roll my Joint coned I think it smoked easier and IDK I just like it better. Everyone loks and is like heh wtf is this is gos from like fat to skinny. Ill roll one up in a few minutes and put a picture up but for the time being, which would you guys prefer? Straight tight joint or a coned joint. I dont roll them very tight yet but practice makes perfect. Burns nice though :D

  2. Cant find any AA batteries so IDK if I can get pics
  3. I always tended to give what ever I rolled a minor cone shape to it....tends to make the smoke flow better when you pull it.
  4. All mine have turned out coned shape and that's how its been ever since.
  5. For a personal a nice tight stogy sized one paper it's " Clubs " they are my fav's first and foremost . Same paper company makes a bigger papers perfect for cones that are great for a party joint with buddys:hello: .

    Zigs are good for a single is you use the thinner ones , I don't like the big yellow ones they are too harsh for me but for a cone it's no biggie .

    Jobs are great too they have a super long blunt type thin papers . I don't use tobacco so I do not like tobacco for rolling a blunt type doobie .

    I can roll a joint in 3 seconds or less ( approximately slightly less than a gram of weed ) , tight and pretty too ! Straight sides not a banana looking thing either :smoke:

    Timed from when I pack the paper with the cleaned and prepped weed while held in my hand and then get ready to have it timed from that point . And using a big orange type Zig Zag . I can almost match that time with the smaller Club papers too . and again , they are pretty , almost look like store bought if I have fresh stash !

    I like thin wheat , rice and glycerin ( Clubs ) papers primarily .


    Local Boy
  6. it usually takes me two papers (unless I'm rolling a little pinner for myself in the morning) but its easier in my opinion to cone it with a lot of bud. you can leave the big end open to pack in bud that may have gone overboard in the process of crafting your cone. I dunno it just seems easier.
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    i like both actually but i roll straight ones best so i usually roll those but, i tend to put more bud in the tip so it does cone and little but it not has much of a size difference between the filter side and tip as fat bat has.
  8. roll em straight like a blunt all day... never been a fan of the cones.... jus smokes wierd but hey SMOKE IF YA GOT EM
  9. I like cones better, i am better at rolling them so it generally burns slower than when I roll a ciggy shaped one.
  10. how can i roll a coner im picking up some bud today and im in the mood for a cone joint ??
  11. Ehh its hard to explain on how to roll a cone I found out by accident. Heres exactly what I do and I know some of the things are like big time rookie things but I am new at joint rolling lol ok heres the way.

    1. Place weed evenly through paper.
    2. Fold paper just like a normal joint
    3. Do not roll the joint upward like normal
    4. roll one side of the joint towards the middle and it will make the joint form a cone shape.
    5. Lick it down and it should have a cone shape to it now.
    6.tap the weed so it gos down towards the mouth side (small side)
    7. Twist the end and tulip it if you want it makes lighting easier
    8. Shake the joint so it begins to pack and twist the end until its up to the weed. I will get pics when I find my cam :( sorry if thats confusing
  12. Time for me to get specific...

    Most prefered: spliff, cone style, bali shag (full flavour , ~?g (tastey buds). Depending on my mood I like to put the tobacco through a plastic shredder and the bud through a 4 piece grinder, well mixed in a glass/ceramic mixing bowl, instead of a paper roach I use a tobacco plug. This gives me a smooth draw and a great tasting smoke.

    For speed: (essentially the same, only sloppy) I hold the paper in my palm trow some tobacco down the center, sprinkle a line of bud through the middle, and twist her up.

    I am not a huge fan of straight joints (joints in general). I like tobacco (alot) and I like it mixed with my buds. Love a nice slow blunt, coned or straight. I have the ability to roll any size/shape paper into pretty much any shape (I also roll my own cigarettes so I get alot of practice.
  13. i prefer cone joints i think they are just easier to roll and thats the way i learned. i use them a lot beacsue i usually roll fat joints with a lot of bud so its just easier for me
  14. I tend to roll my j's similar to this


    anyone got a good tut (with pics) on how to roll good cones?
  15. i always roll my joints coned. i remember once i brought some to work at this one summer job and the guys across the fence wanted me to roll one for them... when i gave it to them rolled like a cone they were like WTF? lol
    i personally think coned smokes better
  16. Cones are better. Easier to hit IMO

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