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Cones or Camelhumps?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cudder x, May 5, 2011.

  1. Me and my friend are debating this, he doesn't fucking get that cone is obviously going to burn the best and most even. He rolls camelhumps, I roll cones.

    Whats is better?
  2. Neither are intrinsically better, it depends on each individual case about which one burns/hits better.

    That said, I like cones, but I also enjoy camel humping.
  3. Camel humps are fine, don't hate. As long as the bud doesn't have "lumpy" distribution, it'll burn fine. Cone or camel, put a good ol' hippie twist on the end :]
  4. you guys stupid? i'd say it is considered more skillfull if you can roll pretty even cones rather than a jilape prego camel hump
  5. For the people that don't know young kids weed lingo. Can you explain what both of those words mean?
  6. are you trying to make that red dot reder? Don't ask us our opinion and then get bent all out of shape when someone doesn't agree with you,
  7. We don't smoke joints bitch!
  8. the both pretty much went halfway, so there wasnt even a side chosen. If you dont think its considered more skillful to roll a cone than a camelhumps prego than just say so.

    its only red because people abuse the neg rep when they are butthurt! =p
  9. i roll blunts all day, dont get it twisted
  10. Just parodying a Wiz Khalifa lyric/statement.

    EDIT:repped you, but it didn't seem to get you out of redmode lol
  11. all my friends and i roll cones, though i was chillin with this one girl, and she rolled a camel hump in like 2 seconds, and i was like wtf.

    cones are more skillful in my opinion, but as long as the weed is broken up properly they should both burn fine.
  12. probably is a lyric, and yeah ive been listening to wiz since like 08, so what...pretty safe to say dont get it twisted is common slang, just as saying flip the scrpit

    lol yeah the guy who got butthurt after i proved wrong had a beast amount of rep =[
  13. I was referring to "We don't smoke joints bitch!" Wiz, as of late, says "We don't smoke blunts bitch!" & this thread is about joints, get it?
  14. I consider cones and 'came; humps' just bad roll jobs...:poke::bolt:

    A proper J would be smooth, straight, almost like a cigarette.:confused_2::smoking::metal::bongin::yay:

    Just my 2 cents worth :D
  15. agreed, or a nice pinner to myself is always nice!
  16. not a big fan of the straight, cig-a-weed look for joints. half the time you have to struggle to get a hit out of the tightly wrapped j, & it seems to me that they are more prone to side burning.

    i used to roll camel humps, not really caring the way they looked, as long as they smoke, but recently i've started to roll cones with a filter i add at the end.

    cones seems to never sideburn, always hit smoothly - almost like the cone roll is creating a perfect funnel for smoke, and overall always look a lot better and a lot cooler than a toothpick-looking joint.

    that's just me, though.

  17. It's because you don't have enough rep to make an impact on other's rep.
  18. Guess so. :rolleyes:
  19. Cones...
  20. A cone is narrower on one end than the other, so it makes a long cone shape. I have no clue what a camel hump on a joint looks like (unless it means it wasn't spread evenly and has a big lump in the middle).

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