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Cone joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YuG0tRice, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. bob marley smoked cone joints sp should you!

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  2. I do smoke cones... But not because some black guy did it.
  3. thats such a short joint, how long did it last? :confused:
  4. Cone Joint...where
  5. [quote name='"HelpDesk"']I do smoke cones... But not because some black guy did it.[/quote]

    I never understand posts like this. Especially on a site like this. But ignorance is everywhere. I guess I always just expect better from people with more than a thousand posts. Idk why lol

    And BTW OP I'd never smoke cones just because some musician did it
  6. Yea live your own life or it will be a waste...dont idolize a guy cuz he smokes cone joints OP but hey if thats what you into go for it no1 is stopping you :smoke:
  7. [quote name='"HelpDesk"']I do smoke cones... But not because some black guy did it.[/quote]

    i dont smoke cones... some black guy doing it isnt good enough of a reason for me to waste my nugs.
  8. racist fucks
  9. you resurrected this thread to say that? there isn't even any racism here :confused:

  10. I had absolutely no intentions of sounding racist... I meant just some guy. But i threw in a random adjective to spice it up...
  11. Fixed. ^^^^


    well maybe not
  12. that piece you have it a pink floyd inspired bowl???

    nice joint btw...cones are the best lol
  13. A few nights ago I had a dream that some random guy at a club gave me a joint. I couldn't decide if I should smoke it and risk dying if he was a creep and actually poisoned me or if I should smoke it because what if it was the best weed ever and I'll never have an opportunity like that again.

    Where this story fits in the thread, I don't know.
  14. lol cant we all just get a bong and get along
  15. You're the one calling people racist fucks
  16. Fuck cones, smoke logs.

  17. yes yes it is indeed :D
  18. Fuck bob marley he is over hyped and everyone thinks just cus they smoke weed they gotta say he's the man, and he smoked fuckin dirt weed
  19. ^Exactly! It's just a name... Marley is no better than ROOR.

  20. Like his music or not.
    He had some badass quotes.

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